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Oggy RPG is an imaginary fan-game based off of Oggy and the Cockroaches, SLHRPG (but let me remind you, just because it has "lesbian" in the title, it isn't a 18+ game though (it's just about homoromantic horses having the most bizarre adventure)) and Undertale, created by imaginary person Larry Nicky. It was also produced by Khusela Studios. It is made entirely in Adobe Flash.

The game also has a +Dialogue mode option with voice acting they can enable or disable, made for "the people who can't really appreciate silence".


One day, Oggy, Jack and Olivia are playing a board game at Oggy's Home. Bob was also invited, but he arrived late, because he struggled to get all of the important things he needed when he would play a board game. He later finds out it's just your average board game, so he invites Oggy and his friends to play something better at his house, something like Oculus Rift. The better game was about the princess (played by Olivia) being kidnapped by the dragons (played by the cockroaches), so the two knights (played by Oggy and Jack) have to save her. Once Olivia is saved, the player also has a choice for the cockroaches to join your party, but if you (as Oggy) decline, they will result in getting kidnapped by the characters from Bob's game.

They had fun playing it, but it turns out the game actually takes place in a far-away place, so far, it's not even at Animville, so Bob's game characters get revenge on Oggy and his friends...they also kidnap Olivia, again. But it's not going to be easy now for Oggy and Jack...



  • Oggy - The default leader of the party.
Skills Oggy can do
Skill name Effects Description/Notes Level required for skill
  1. Swat
  2. Double Swat
  3. Triple Swat
  1. 5/8 damage
  2. 11/16 damage
  3. 19/27 damage
  1. Swats enemies with his red flyswatter.
  2. Swats enemies with his flyswatter two times.
  3. Swats enemies with his flyswatter three times.

The attacks are only available if Oggy is wielding the said flyswatter.

  1. 1 (default)
  2. 5
  3. 10
Skills Olivia can do
Skill name Effects Description/Notes
  1. Heal
  2. Heal x2
  3. 2 Ally Heal
  1. Pretty obvious already on what it does.
  2. Heals an ally twice.
  3. Again, obvious.
  1. Poison cure
  • The Cockroaches - The undying pests that bother Oggy, as always. One of their skills that have a cooldown time is marked with C.
    • Joey - The leader of the trio.
Skills Joey can do
Skill name Effects Description/Notes Level required


Fan Characters

  • Dan the Dragon

Cast (+Dialogue mode + voice acting)

  • Don Michael Paul - Oggy
  • Greg Eagles - Jack
  • Jessica DiCicco - Olivia
  • Tony Sampson - Joey
  • Matt Hill - Dee Dee
  • Samuel Vincent - Marky
  • Peter Kelamis - Bob

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