aka Star Butterfly

  • I live in Earth (obviously.)
  • My occupation is being an artist and an offline actor (mostly)
  • I am a Muslim, who is unfortunately lazy 24/7
  • WNH74

    So, yeah: I made an Oggy and the Cockroaches Discord server. Work in progress at the moment!

    Server invite (join if you want to):

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  • WNH74

    Oggy RPG (Concept)

    May 31, 2017 by WNH74
    (Under construction)

    Oggy RPG is an imaginary fan-game based off of Oggy and the Cockroaches, SLHRPG (but let me remind you, just because it has "lesbian" in the title, it isn't a 18+ game though (it's just about homoromantic horses having the most bizarre adventure)) and Undertale, created by imaginary person Larry Nicky. It was also produced by Khusela Studios. It is made entirely in Adobe Flash.

    The game also has a +Dialogue mode option with voice acting they can enable or disable, made for "the people who can't really appreciate silence".

    One day, Oggy, Jack and Olivia are playing a board game at Oggy's Home. Bob was also invited, but he arrived late, because he struggled to get all of the important things he needed when he would play a board gam…

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  • WNH74
    (abandoned. rip)

    This is a fandub transcript for Bitter Chocolate, part of my concept Oggy+Dialogue.

    (We are greeted with a view of Animville. It later zooms into Oggy's house. Oggy is relaxing while Joey, Dee Dee and Marky are taking his lunch and drinks from the stool. Later, a truck delivers a package to his mailbox, so Oggy excitedly goes to get his mail)
    Oggy: Oh boy! (he gets the package, which is revealed to be a box of chocolates) Chocolate!
    (cut to his kitchen. Oggy is about to eat his chocolate while the cockroaches laugh at him. Then the box starts "running away")
    Oggy: What the--
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  • WNH74

    What if there was this fan series where Oggy and the Cockroaches had dialogue that WASN'T animal noises or gibberish? I've had this concept for a while, so I might as well share it here.

    • Oggy: Would be voiced by Don Michael Paul, kinda sounding like Link Neal. Uses the words "heck" and "darn" when expressing shock, worriness or anger.
    • Jack: Would be voiced by Greg Eagles, kinda sounding like Rhett McLaughlin. Uses the words "crap" and "dang" when expressing shock, worriness or anger.
    • The Cockroaches:
      • Joey: Would be voiced by Tony Sampson. Uses the words "crap" and "dang" when expressing shock, worriness or anger.
      • Marky: Would be voiced by Samuel Vincent, sounding like Suneo from the official English dub of Doraemon. Uses the words "crap", "dang", …

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