This is a blog where some cartoon shows protagonists(some include the deuteragonists and tritagonists) came here to battle in a game of poker(Oggy, Jack and the Cockroaches from Oggy & the Cockroaches, Finn, Jake and BMO from Adventure Time, Mordecai and Rugby from Regular Show and Coop, Kat and Dennis from Kid vs Kat)

Chapter 1

[Oggy is chasing the cockroaches]

Joey: Hey Oggy!

Oggy: What!

Joey: Let's challenge a game of poker!

Marky: Jack's in there!

Oggy: Are you nuts! I never want to play poker! As I always get out of chips.

[cut to Oggy's flashback at the saloon]

Man: I win! straight flush! Look how Oggy gets a high card[laughs].

[Everybody Laughs]

Oggy: I hate straight flushes.

[cut back to Oggy]

[The cockroaches prank Oggy, a chase begins, leading to the saloon]

Chapter 2

Dealer: Welcome to the big saloon!

Oggy: You stink

Dealer: If you win! You'll get 1 trillion dollars!

Oggy: OK, but make sure no notorious players!

Chapter 3

Dealer: Big Blind bets 100,000 dollars.

Rugby: What! this is really gonna kill you.

Dealer: Whatever. Small Blind bets 50,000 dollars.

Jake: What!! Im gonna get half of my money.

Dealer: Good luck to Everybody, except you Rugby.

Oggy: I call $100,000. But I hate how it really costs!!

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