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  • OtisElevatorGuy1

    Hello, I'm gonna share something COOL for your profile. A YT music player.

    And yeah! It's offically worked on 29th of May 2013, with a little help with AnimatedCartoons. (Yeah, I kinda sponsor him. xD)

    The link for the player template is : Template:YoutubePlayer.

    I'll give you the parameters instructions.

    Top = (#px, how far down the music player is on the page from other things, example: 108px)


    Methods :

    1. You can use the playlist link by the part of URL for the playlist that's after, usually p/RANDOMCODE, found by adding a video to a playlist, going to your videos, then to playlists, clicking share, then embed, then copying the code after and before ?version=3
    2. You…

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  • OtisElevatorGuy1

    This blog show you how to make a greeting.

    It's a type of a greeting for commenters in your message wall. You can decorate it by yourself with complex codes. You can also put pictures in there.

    1. Click Special:CreatePage and name to "Message Wall Greeting:yourusername".
    2. Put anything you like.
    • I suggest you to put something like:
    • Welcome to my wall!
    • Don't be shy, leave a message here!
    • Any compliments,complains,questions? Post it here.
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  • OtisElevatorGuy1

    Please, read this blog post. Because I will adopt this wiki.

    Since February, I just make a request an adoption to this wiki.

    There's a one staff called Wendy will ask me to do this blog post

    I know this looks awkward. But this is IMPORTANT.

    Also, for who's a WC, PLEASE, make an account. It's more easier to edit.

    WC is "Wikia Contributor", which is a editor of this wiki without having an account.

    We also need to discuss about this wiki and who's will be the admin, chatmod and rollback.

    Saxophonegirl is actually an admin and ONLY THE ADMIN on this wiki, Thus, she is inactive.

    I saw some registered users here underaged.

    To start a discussion, comment below.

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