Oggy's equipment Major: 1.Red racket 2.Plain racket Minor: 1.Orange racket 2.Yellow racket 3.Frying Pan 4.Rolling Pin 5.Rocket Launcher Rarely: 1.Giant red racket 2.Green racket 3.Leather racket 4.Chainsaw 5.Rifle 6.Radio Machine 7.Vacuum Cleaner 8.Lawn Mower 9.Slingshot 10.Golf Stick 11.Broom 12.Automatic racket(Oggy goes green!) 13.Knife (The Ice Rink) 14.Nail Clippers (For Real!) And more...

Oggy's Equipment

Oggy and the cockroaches by hakurinn0215-d55uv7i

Oggy and Joey,Dee Dee and Marky are fighting

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