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  • Nganquan1978

    Character Appearances:

    October 22, 2013 by Nganquan1978

    Joey is the main antagonist to Oggy from the first episodes:Lou

    - Oggywood

    - Castaway Cats

    - Horse Ride

    - To Serve and Protect

    - Scuba Diving

    - The Fugutive.

    Generaly,Joey has been released the animosity with Oggy by Dee Dee.

    In the first episodes,Marky can control most of vehicles like planes,trains,...but when he so weak,he just use the hammer.We can see Marky usually go with Dee Dee as brotherhoods.                                                                                        Also Marky is the most action from latest episode,either Marky sometimes is an ally to Oggy and Jack from season 4.

    Only in episode Hypno Hypnosis,Marky is the main antagonist to Oggy.Probably his brothers are go to another missions,like teasing Jack and Bob, (i th…

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  • Nganquan1978

    Oggy's equipment

    October 4, 2013 by Nganquan1978

    Oggy's equipment Major: 1.Red racket 2.Plain racket Minor: 1.Orange racket 2.Yellow racket 3.Frying Pan 4.Rolling Pin 5.Rocket Launcher Rarely: 1.Giant red racket 2.Green racket 3.Leather racket 4.Chainsaw 5.Rifle 6.Radio Machine 7.Vacuum Cleaner 8.Lawn Mower 9.Slingshot 10.Golf Stick 11.Broom 12.Automatic racket(Oggy goes green!) 13.Knife (The Ice Rink) 14.Nail Clippers (For Real!) And more...

    Oggy's Equipment

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