• 466163

    The Inactivity

    November 14, 2015 by 466163

    As you all may know, I have been inactive for such a long time. Basically, it doesn't mean that I am stopping or I'm never using my account ever again. What it is is that I actually still DO edit pages, so nothing to worry. Only thing though is that I may not be here to edit pages all the time, I might be here just sometime, the reason is because I have to work so many things, and they always get finished for a long time.

    Keep in mind that, anyone can just edit the pages, and I actually might probably, if I can, can work more here than anything. Some of them is to correct them, extend it, or modify them all by myself, no matter how long it takes. Many of the reasons I am inactive is because of gaming, map editing, video watching, music prod…

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  • 466163


    August 10, 2013 by 466163

    What does it mean?

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