Episode Information
Season 1, Episode 6
Patient Title
Air date December 25, 1998
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Storyboarded by François Reczulski
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It's Been a Hard Day's Noise
Shake Oggy Shake
The Patient is the 6th episode of Season 1


It's winter. Jack is preparing his favorite frozen fish sticks and the roaches, never ones to slack off where food's concerned, are on the spot. Oggy ignores the chase scene that is going on right under his nose…


SPOILER ALERT! Important details about the plot are up ahead.

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On a fine snowing morning, Jack starts chasing the cockroaches. They eat some fish and throw their skeletons at him. One skeleton cuts his head hair, one lands on his chimney armor and the other lands on his toe, causing him to fly into space in pain. When he takes the skeleton off his toe he falls to Earth and crashlands in the pool, freezing him in a block of ice. When Oggy drags Jack to the living room, he uses a thermometer to check his temperature, and it's right about near the explosion unit. He then notices the ice block cracking into pieces, leaving Jack's cold blue body behind.

Later, Oggy is shown treating Jack in another room. As he leaves the room, the cockroaches show up and Dee Dee swallows the entire medicine. They then put some strange contents in it and mix the medicine. As the cockroaches hide, Oggy checks Jack's tongue and he thinks it's not feeling well so he puts a mouthful of Jack's medicine in his mouth, kisses him and leaves. Jack feels the effects of the changed medicine: he breathes fire and turns into various objects including an axe, a ball and a dynamite. After this they change the medicine again, and this time fireworks are heard from Oggy's house. They change the medicine a third time, and Jack notices the window. Later Jack and the cockroaches are standing on the roof. Thanks to a mallet the roof snow slides off and splashes into the pool, taking Jack along with Joey, Marky and Dee Dee with it and freezing them in another ice block. Later, Oggy holds another thermometer which has 3 points. Since there were 4 patients, Oggy decides to get the cockroaches some treatment; while Jack smiles, the cockroaches scream.

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  • This is the first episode where both Oggy and Jack win.
  • This is the last episode of 1998.
  • This is the first Christmas episode.


  • Jack's muzzle Is Green No't Gray
  • Next Clip Jack's muzzle Is Gray
  • Chicken Drumstick Bone Is Yellow No't White



Oggy and the Cockroaches - THE PATIENT (S01E06) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - THE PATIENT (S01E06) Full Episode in HD

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