The Lighthouse Keeper is the 2nd episode of Season 4.

Episode Information
Season 4, Episode 2
Title The Lighthouse Keeper
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Storyboarded by Julien Thompson
Episode Guide
Dump the Roaches


Oggy and Jack become lighthouse keepers for the day. While Jack gets a fear of heights, Oggy once again chases the cockroaches who are directing boats all over the place.


Oggy and Jack ride a boat to go to the lighthouse. When they arrive. Oggy was climbing at the stairs, Oggy takes of his vest and the vest went to Jack's face, Oggy goes to the stairs faster. Then Oggy checks And Jack copies. Oggy checks the fantastic clouds he reached and Jack follows .Jack just gets scared everytime he sees It. He tries going down to be safe and brave. Then they arrive the roaches pranking in the lighthouse. Then Dee Dee makes shadows. And plays music that causes Joey and Marky to dance happily. Oggy swats them with using the "Book Of The Lighthouse" And Joey and Marky add wood onto the burning stove and used it to burnout the book. Then oggy swats them.





  • In this episode, Jack has acrophobia. But, in "The Rise and The Fall", Oggy and him "swap", meaning Oggy has, and Jack doesn't.


  • The lighthouse in this episode is based on La Jument lighthouse of Brittany, located off the coast of France. The ending of this episode is a reference to photos taken by photographer Jean Guichard in 1989, when the lighthouse keeper Théodore Malgorn was about to be swept away by a huge wave.
  • This is The First Time That Olivia and Bob Didn't Appear.



Oggy and the cockroaches Season 4 Episode 2 (The Lighthouse Keeper)

Oggy and the cockroaches Season 4 Episode 2 (The Lighthouse Keeper)

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