Episode Information
Season 2, Episode 23
Title The Hungry Ostrich Empire
Air date Febuary 20, 2006
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Storyboarded by Fabien Brandily
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The Hungry Ostrich Empire is the 23rd episode of Season 2.


Oggy is left to look after an ostrich for Jack. While she starts eating anything around the house, the cockroaches get involved with her chase. Dee Dee and Marky want to eat her, whereas Joey wants to ride her.


Oggy was watching TV with the cockroaches disturb him. Jack touch the bell but Oggy heard it. He don't know who touch the bell. Oggy open the door with an angry face but it was Jack. Oggy was very happy to see Jack but Jack bring his pet of ostrich. The name of the Ostrich is Steffie. Jack brings her to keep Steffie safe on Oggy's house. Jack go out from Oggy's house by himself and he close Oggy's door not carefully.

Oggy saw Steffie while daydreaming for a long time. Oggy was surprised with her looking for a long time. Oggy was leaving Steffie without her. Suddenly, he heard Steffie eating his vase. Oggy was surprised to see her eating the vase. Oggy tried to stop her eating his vase and he must put out his vase from her neck. Then she was running around because she doesn't want to put it out his vase. Oggy is screaming while Steffie is running very fast. She ran to the ceiling . Oggy put down the floor and he pick up Steffie very fast.

She looking Oggy pick up her. They changing reverse as Steffie pick up Oggy. He screaming to the gap of size as a door. Her neck very long to easy to crash. He begins to crash by Steffie. They also crash by themself to the ceiling to the top. Oggy and Steffie falling door on the floor. They begin thin face and body because they crash up. Steffie is screaming to Oggy then she running again without leaving Oggy. Her running begins very fastest. Oggy revesing her body to see what happening. He looking her feet and floor with reverse possition. He can grip her back without reversing again. But he crashing the floor again and back to normal then she laughing him because he crasing on the floor with her running. He very mad with her and he shake by her neck to put out the vase. He very tired to put out the vase from her neck. He will mad again but he has idea, he throw the skin banana for her feet falling down. The she slip from banana skin then they falling down but the vase already put down from her neck.

But the vase can harm Bob of the vase from the window. He surprise to harm Bob and he and she looking Bob harming with the vase. Bob touch the bell and he heard the bell then he opened the door but it was Bob. Bob want to beat Steffie and Oggy. Oggy wistling to see Bob. Bob put Oggy's vase first carfully and he wants to beating Steffie first but she was save from Bob. How about Oggy! Oggy is harming by Bob without put his head into the floor. Oggy wants to beat Steffie but Steffie put her head into the floor. The hiding into the floor it was the cockroaches. Joey see Dee Dee playing throw the ball. Dee see Steffie behind Joey. Joey see Steffie but Joey think she is beautiful. Steffie licking Joey that she think Joey is the food. Marky and Dee Dee want to eat Steffie. Dee Dee think she is the food. Dee Dee offer Marky to eat her. Joey's heart is beating very fast and he touch his chest is conecting by his heart. He is happy to see Steffie as a friend and riding her. He wants to play with her. But Marky and Dee Dee want to eat her. Marky tells Dee Dee is looks jealous to see Joey. Dee Dee thinks Joey is stupid. Dee Dee helping Marky to stand up. Steffie walking around and she go inside of the living room. Then she stop by herself. Suddenly, She eating the chair from living room. Dee Dee and Marky start eating her. They start eat her is feet. Then they bite her feet very strong. Dee Dee gives her feet is salt then bite. She see the cockroaches eating her legs. she very mad to see them then she shaking her leg then until fall down. She step to the cockroaches until they stop eating her. And she scratch them to stop them. Joey see Steffie scratch Dee Dee and Marky. Then she see him very happy. He wants to hug her. Dee Dee and Marky think Joey again is stupid. The she eating Joey until her tummy.

She walking into the TV room to eating the TV. Oggy watching TV without see her. Oggy see Steffie again with his mad face. He watching again but he was see Steffie walking front of him. His face always get mad to see her. Then she eating his TV. He put down on his TV from her neck. She begins to run and Oggy screaming with upput down. She ceiling up to the to again, the he reversing her, then he pick up her he reversing to the normal again the he crash the ceiling to the top again. They begin thin again. She screaming again and she run very fast without leaving Oggy again. He looking reversing her feet and floor. And he crashing the floor again and reversing normal. Then she laughing again to Oggy. Then he shake her neck to put don his TV. Then she slip the banana skin that he already throwed it.

The TV will harm Bob again that the vase harm him. They looking the window to see harming Bob. Bob touch the bell and he open his door but it was Bob again. Bob put the TV carefully as the vase. But Bob wants to beat Steffie first but she put her neck into the floor. Oggy also put his neck into the floor but Bob was canceled to beat them. He wants to beat Steffie again but Oggy heard the bell who touch the bell. The touch the bell it was Jack again. And he says thank you to Oggy for keeping Steffie. Oggy says goodbye for Steffie and Jack but Steffie laying egg. Oggy likes eating her egg because her egg is big. Oggy see Joey what's happening.






Running Gags

  • Each time Oggy makes Ostrich spit out something that she ate, it goes out the window and hits Bob, and then Bob goes to Oggy’s house and returns the thing that Ostrich spat out.


  • Oggy, Dee Dee and Marky's heads is miscolored.


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