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Episode Information
Season 1, Episode 45
Title The Dictator
Air date 1999
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Storyboarded by François Reczulski
Episode Guide
Oggy VS Super Roach

The Dictator is the 45th episode of Season 1.


While helping to catch the cockroaches, Jack starts acting like a ruthless, superior-minded dictator to Oggy, reducing him to a downtrodden proletariat - an action he will live and come to regret, as this will evolve into a struggle between control and freedom, which also results in the cockroaches helping Oggy.




  • When Jack tells Oggy he's inferior then closes the door, his eyes flicker red for a split second.
  • At the end when Oggy is watching T.V with the cockroaches, Dee Dee and Joey exchange eye colour (Joey's eyes were green and Dee Dee's eyes were pink and yellow).


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