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Episode Information
Season 7, Episode 3
Air date June 2nd, 2018 (CN Asia)
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Co-Directed: Patrick Ducruet
Storyboarded by Zyk
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Well Guarded Gold
Oggy the Babysitter
The Black Gold Rush is the 3rd episode of Season 7, remastering from Saturday Black Fever.


Same as S2E35, unless stated otherwise by officials and/or known editor(s).

While hoeing his flower bed, Oggy strikes oil! Oil everywhere! Oggy's got a real black thumb! In no time his house is over-run with derricks, pipelines and pumps. It may stink and it may be messy but boy is it profitable!


Same as S2E35, unless stated otherwise by known editor(s).

Starting, Oggy comes out with his pickaxe and proceeds to hit the ground, but something happens. Upon the axe in the ground, it spins itself and a spring of oil blasts out of the ground. The axe was carried with the oil, hitting Oggy in the head. Leaving him confused what it is, he tasted it. Having an unusual feeling, his stomach is in a weird mood. In a tree, a squirrel got an acorn, but Oggy shoots an immense blast of fire, making the tree very burnt, including the squirrel. Oggy walks back in the house to wash of the oil. Oggy takes a bath whilst whistling, and brushes his body, including his teeth. He then accidentally pulls of the water drain blocker, and comes up an idea. He closed the part where the oil spring started. Opening more holes, more oil springs appeared, even a touch on the ground can start it due to soft dirt. Oggy feels disappointed, but not knowing his house and his yard was badly flooded with the oil. Taking a bath again, he used so many powders, and reads a book. Upon reading, he has read that a supply of oil makes him richer, so he dreamed/thought of being rich. Out of focus, the bathtub was filled with bubbles as it lifts Oggy, just like a similar style in his thoughts. He builds a pump station for oil as he receives tons and loads of money. Upon entering the house, he heard some noises in one of the pipes, so turns the valve and walks upstairs as the camera pans to his pipes everywhere in his house, indicating that his house is bombarded by pipes that deliver oil. He then enters his room of money, and the camera zooms out and pans, showing his extremely large pile of money. He opens his book, showing he has earned €9 vigintillion euros. In the other room, he drops his coins in his piggy/cow bank, but he has more than one. Outside, a bus stops in front of Oggy's house as the cockroaches go out from their vacation. Surprised by the pipes connecting to his house with bombardment. Joey aggressively enters their room, until he stops from a pipe. Looking around, pipes/pumps are literally, completely everywhere. Joey walks more to find out, as their bed was rolled out by the pipe/pump he hit. Dee Dee goes near a place where oil is dripping. He tastes it as if it was unfamiliar chocolate, until his stomach goes crazy. Joey looks out of the window and notices the 9 vigintillion euro pile, in time looking back being burnt by Dee Dee. He giggles as Marky extinguishes Joey. Joey stops Dee Dee and thinks of being rich and would surpass Oggy's wealth. He opens the door bringing a water bottle and notices oil barrels, and thinks it money. He takes a sharp nail and pushes it through an oil barrel. Joey's head is flattened and restores it to its shape as his eyes move uncontrollably. He removes the nail as oil shoots extremely fast as brings him to the bathroom and in the bathroom drain and counts to three to be ready and holds his pain. Oggy takes a cork and blocks the leak as he shrugs in confusion.


Same as normal version, unless stated otherwise by known editor(s).




  • Squirrel
  • Gas station Worker


  • As the normal version, during the scene where his house was flooded by the oil, it appears that the house seems to float from the oil, where it supposed that the oil reaches at least at the terraces\stairs.


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