Episode Information
Season 4, Episode 36
Bathtub Race Title
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Storyboarded by Fred Mintoff
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Inspector Dee Dee

The Bathtub Race is the 36th episode of Season 4.


When the neighbourhoods were bored, Olivia has organized a bathtub race in the neighborhood. Oggy, Bob, Jack, along with cockroaches sign up.


The neighborhoods are bored. But Joey is trying to put a bomb to Jack. When Jack is walking & walking, Jack kicked Joey and explodes and fliped Olivia's book itself. When Olivia see this, Oggy, Jack & Bob comes. Olivia organizes a bathtub race, so Oggy, Jack & Bob set up a track, and set up a bathtub vehicle. When the cockroaches sees this, they made a vehicle, too.(actually, its a toilet) but Olivia accepts the toilet vehicle. The winner gets a romantic dinner with Olivia. they're ready in the race, but Jack and the cockroaches are cheating. so, Olivia give penalty to the cheaters. when Oggy is trying to heading to the finish line, Jack breaks Oggy's dream. while the cockroaches are cheating again, Oggy's vehicle was broken, so Dee Dee goes to the finish line, causes oggy will cry (because he's jealous) Olivia calls the losers, and have a romantic dinner with Dee Dee.


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Oggy and the cockroaches season4 The bathtub race

Oggy and the cockroaches season4 The bathtub race

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