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Episode Information
Season 4, Episode 64
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Directed by Andrès Fernandez
Episode Guide
Bicycle Crazy!
Oggy & the Flour Man

Teleportation is the 64th episode of Season 4 and the 259th episode overall.


Oggy ordered a teleport machine which he uses it to go to any place faster by teleporting to that location. While Oggy is asleep, the cockroaches uses that to rob the fridge but Dee Dee and Marky are trapped while Joey's asleep. Jack and Bob wanted to try that machine but unfortunately after a few teleportations, they became stuck together so Oggy has to get them free.


Oggy was carrying three bags on the way home, when he reached home, he was very tired and exhausted. Reaching to the door, when he was looking for his keys, the roaches showed up and stole the three bags of groceries. When Oggy found the right key to open the door, he looked behind, he found out that the bags were missing, he was so angry because the way to his home wasn't worth it.

Oggy looked up for the internet to find a way that is easier to go back home and any other places faster. When he was looking, he found a teleport machine that could teleport him to any places he wanted. When he ordered, the delivery truck quickly reached his home. It dropped a barrel. Oggy quickly rolled the barrel to his home, and there was the teleport machine with a control device in the barrel.

Oggy started setting up and finally he sticked the two platforms on the roof and the floor using tape. Now he wants to get the groceries back so he carried his bag and by using the control device, he quickly teleported to !Super Shop!, he exclaimed with excitement and went it to the store. By seconds, he bought all the groceries, he sat up on the grocery bag and teleported to his home and to his kitchen. He put all the food and groceries in the refridgerator. The roaches saw him placing a bag of chocolates, so they decided to steal it, but when Oggy teleported, Marky and Dee Dee were thinking it was strange that he disappeared in a blink of an eye. When Oggy teleported, he was very hungry, so he teleported to the kitchen again to get some cereal. By using the control device, Oggy quickly got a bowl, he placed the bowl on the table, and he got a bottle of milk and poured the milk into the bowl, then he got a box of cereal and poured the cereal into the bowl, and lastly, he got a spoon to mix the cereal and the milk up. He teleported to the room and the cushion, then he watched TV. The day quickly dawned and at night, the roaches ran into Oggy's room to get the control device. Joey told Marky and Dee Dee to touch the beam. When Joey pushed the button, Marky and Dee Dee teleported into the fridge, Joey was very happy because the plan was successful, then Oggy starts licking and chewing his finger and squashed Joey. Marky and Dee Dee quickly teleported into the fridge, they high-fived and saw all the food that Oggy put in there. Joey ran into the kitchen to see if Marky and Dee Dee has come out so Joey can get in to eat the food, Marky and Dee was laughing while Joey is tapping his foot, waiting. Joey looked at the time that he had to wait, he was impatience and growled, he knocked at the fridge. When Marky and Joey carried the food with a bag, they were not be able to push the fridge open, so they knocked to see if Joey can help, but Joey was already asleep.

On the next day, Oggy introduced Jack of his teleport machine, he gave him the control device and looked at Oggy if he is tricking him, when Jack pressed the button, he teleported besides the tree, and Bob saw what happened so  he peeked Oggy and Jack behind the tree. Jack teleported back into the house, they were happy and thrilled, but when Jacked pressed the button again, he teleported behind the tree, which is Bob's back, they were trying to depart the bodies but it was no use, so Oggy adviced Jack to use his control device, but all they got is still the same, they teleported into his home without departing the bodies. Oggy was frightened. Jack used the control device again and teleported to the lamp. But because they're too heavy so they fell.

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