Take Cover is the 19th episode of Season 2, and was remade as the seventy-eighth and last episode for Season 7 under the title Run For Shelter.


Jack's love for playing with toy soldiers turns into a nightmare when the cockroaches fool him into believing that there's a real war going on in the backyard.


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Oggy is sleeping in the couch, While Jack is playing with Toy soldiers, making noise and disturbing Oggy. Oggy sents Jack to play outside. Jack gets to the basement and takes his helmet and Toy rifle, as the cockroaches began to make a fake war. Cockroaches use smoke, sound effects, and even make a scenery around to depict an ongoing war. Jack, thinking it's a real war, begins to cry.Then  Jack wears a mask to prevent from posion ( which is actually fake smoke.) He uses military tactics to reach the Oggy, who is at the time exiting the house to dry laundered clothes, knocks him in back in the house. Jack tells Oggy that there is a ongoing war, but Oggy doesn't believes him, thinking he's got crazy. Jack cries when nobody believes him and jumps behind a hedge to avoid fake gunfire, causing him to fall in Bob's pool  breaking the  bob's statue, prompting bob to beat him. upon seeing fake troops marching, he throws a grenade at them, well.... mostly he threw the pin. He warned Oggy. Jack, upon realizing he must warn Oggy, he rolls back in the house through the chimney and warns Oggy, to which Oggy knocks him out of the house. Jack, realizing he've losted his gas mask, attempts to enter the basement but the doors turns out to be locked, causing Jack to cry again. Jack notices the cockroaches with the key, but Dee dee ate it away. Giving the cockroaches a long chase, exsausted, he rests against the background, causing it to knock down, making Jack realize it was all a fake prop. After a while, Jack is painting war themed paintings in the lawn. Once he's done he reveals the cockroaches ( tied up with dynamites ), and sends them through the paintings, after a while a offscreen blast is heard as episode ends. 



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