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TV Obsession is the sixty-first episode of Season 1.

Episode Information
Season 1, Episode 61
Title TV Obsession
Written by Michel Gaudelette
Storyboarded by François Reczulski
Episode Guide
A Truce for Christmas
Race to the Finish!


A good program is going on T.V and Oggy has totally lost it. He wants to watch T.V whether whatever happens. After roaches learn of this, they do their job. They have several ways by which Oggy cannot watch T.V . Oggy will then do anything to watch.....


One day, Oggy is eating bread and sauce and watching T.V. Cockroaches interrupts him while eating bread and locked the T.V in a iron box. Oggy annoyed and want to watch T.V , so he gets mad and want to destroy the box with Bob's car and drive it forcefully and is being beaten by Bob. Then he calls Jack but he cannot wait for jack to open the box by secret password. He get inside the Bob's house and watch T.V without telling Bob. When bob gets inside his toilet, he put the chair out of door to don't let Bob comes back from toilet. But he doesn't know that the door opens by inside. Again, he is being beaten by Bob. Now Jack opened the box and oggy danced with madness. But cockroaches took that T.V away and there is bomb inside the box. Oggy escapes cockroaches and ending up waiting outside the door. Oggy wants jack to open the door. Jack opened the door and finally, oggy take that T.V and go to watch it. Oggy watches T.V with full of madness. Cockroaches secretly taken out the plug of tv and get inside their house. Jack is standing there and Oggy thinks that Jack took that plug out. He beats Jack and Cockroaches laughed on it.




  • Same Car As Oggy Or Bob Cyan Not Orange.
  • Bob's House 1 Floor Not 2 Floors.
  • Bob's Garage Is Cyan Not Blue.
  • Bob's Door Is Cyan Not Golden.
  • Bob's Glove Right Brown Not White.
  • Oggy's Eyes Is Yellow With Green Not White With Green.
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