Space Toon (스페이스툰) is a Korean television channel that specializes in animation and children programs. Launched in 2005, it mainly airs cartoons but some times animes. It also airs Oggy and the Cockroaches.


  • Action (Planet of the excitement and mystery)
  • Adventure (Planet of the imagnation and thrill)
  • Alpha (Planet of the numbers and letters)
  • Bon Bon (Planet Heroes adults)
  • Comedy (Planet Laugher)
  • History (Planet from time immemorial)
  • Science (Planet Discovery and knowledge)
  • Sport (Planet of the challenge and strength)
  • Movies (Planet of all Colors)
  • Zomoroda (Planet for girls only)

Cablebox Channels

  • U+TV (95 Channels)
  • S9 (50 Channels)
  • Humax (258 Channels)

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