Soldier for a Day is the 30th episode of Season 2.

Episode Information
Season 2, Episode 30
Air date April 3, 2006
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
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Oggy is drafted into the army, given the fact that he is fit for service, and the cockroaches decide to come along and cause havoc in boot camp.


First, Oggy Went Out Of The Bathroom And Chasing The Cockroaches, While The Cockroaches Running With Oggy's Pants Then The Cockroaches Jump Down The Stairs And Use Oggy's Pants As A Parachute Then Oggy Slide Down The Stairs The The Ball Fell And Oggy Crashed In The Crockroaches And Smacked Them And Laughed Then The Doorbell Ringed, Then James Came By And Oggy Recieved A Letter From The Mulitary, The Letter Was Specifically Oggy For "A Soldier A Day" And Has A Picture And A Name Of Oggy, Then James Pointed The Bus, Then Oggy Said Wait With His Hand, Then James Pointed His Watch Then Oggy Is Getting His Bag In His Room And Looked At His Room And Almost Started To Cry, Then Jones Screamed And Screamed At Oggy, Then Oggy Said Me With His Hand, Then The Roachess Pointed To The Flag, Then Jones Screamed, Pointed His Clock, The ObstacleAnd Screamed At Oggy, Then Oggy Croosed The Obstacle And Joey And DeeDee Removed The Lines From The Obstacle And Smacked Oggy The The Roaches Started To Laugh.




  • Drill sergeant
  • 4 Unnamed Soldiers
  • Monica (Picture cameo)
  • Bob


  • This title card is similar to Take Cover except about the square in the title.
  • Bob is in China in this episode.
  • The cockroaches somehow went to Heaven when the Earth destroyed, but their behaviour should have sent them to Hell.
  • Running Gag: Jones always screams/shout at Oggy.
  • During his night watch, Oggy wields an FAMAS assault rifle, which is the service rifle of the French military since 1978.


  • Joey is in Marky`s colours when he and Dee Dee start making the log ladder higher.
  • Oggy's pupils go missing when he realizes he's in space.


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