The seventh season of Oggy and the Cockroaches began airing on March 19th, 2018.

In addition to remaking certain episodes from the first and second seasons similar to the last season, this season includes new episodes, whose topic is not known as of now.

Episode List

# Title Synopsis Episode Remade
426 427 428 Oggy's French Fries Oggy prepares a large plate of French fries, as golden and crunchy as one could wish for. How not to succumb to the call of the fry? For the cockroaches, the temptation is too strong! French Fries
Panic in the Air Oggy and Jack take off in a plane, accompanied by the cockroaches, incognito of course. Petrified, clinging to his lifejacket and scared to death, Oggy has his heart in his mouth. Is there a pilot in this aircraft? Rock 'n Roll Altitude
Oggy's Exoskeleton Jack decides to help Oggy by showing him his inventions, purely designed for cockroach removal - which are, in fact, overly complex and technologically advanced versions of the flyswatter. The Techno-Files
429 430 431 Mouse Attack As the roaches watch on with interest, Oggy constructs a remote control for his lawn mower. Right then and there the roaches decide to out-do him. They get to work and fabricate a remote-control mouse that eats up everything in its path! Mouseagator
Oggy at Top Speed Jack and Oggy are racing their remote controlled cars through the house. As the race cars zoom through the house they flatten everything in their way, including the roaches! Hang onto your seats and fasten your belt, the race has just begun!! Race to the Finish
Wild Rides at the Fair Oggy is woken up early in the morning by an unusual noise. While he’s looking out the window, a huge smile lights up his face : it’s a carnival. He runs to get Jack and, without the slightest hesitation, drags him along to the first ride! The Carnival's in Town
432 433 434 Golf Fever Jack takes Oggy out to play golf. Despite his complete lack of talent, he manages to sink holes-in-one right and left. Jack is beside himself with rage. The roaches who are bored decide to move the holes around in order to spice up the game... Golf Curse
Magic Pumpkin On his way home from shopping, Oggy unintentionally steps on a frog. He picks it up and kisses it to ask forgiveness. The little croaker immediately turns into a fairy! The fairy one grants Oggy's wish and turns his cart into a small utility truck... The Pumpkin that Pretended to be a Ferrari
The Hospital Oggy is sent to the hospital when he trips down the stairs in pursuit of the cockroaches while Jack watches over him. The roaches decide to visit the hospital - just to make an already bad situation worse for Oggy. Emergency Room
435 436 437 Hard Day for Oggy Oggy wants to listen to his music CD in peace, but the cockroaches decide to pump up the volume into and beyond acceptable limits. It's Been a Hard Day's Noise
Oggy and the Babysitter Jack's sister leaves her baby with Oggy for the day. But with his twisted mind, Joey decides to make a little fortune. With the help of his buddies he kidnaps the little critter and stiffs Oggy for the ransom. But babies are unpredictable... Don't Rock the Cradle!
The Paradise Construction Jack is building a skyscraper, and Oggy experiences a complete acrophobia until Jack helps to get him to sleep. But the problems are just getting started. Oggy is sleepwalking, and to make matters worse, the cockroaches are around to sabotage the skyscraper at all costs. The Rise and the Fall

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