The sixth season of Oggy and the Cockroaches debuted on May 16, 2017. Its episodes are remasterings of ones from Season 1 and Season 2.

Episode list

# Title Synopsis Episode Remade



Crackdown on the Fridge Coming back from the market, Oggy finds his house completely ransacked by the cockroaches: it’s a total dump! It’s just too much! He decides to protect his fridge against the “roachy” attacks and clamps on a solid lock with Dee Dee trapped inside! Mission Oggy
Laughter Forbidden Jack's latest device at eliminating the cockroaches from the house ends up in the wrong hands when they manage to get Oggy to drink it. What's more, they're armed with some really wacky laughing gas as well. Laughing Gas
Cockroach vs. Mouse A mouse makes his way into Oggy's household, taking whatever he wants, namely food and shelter. Oggy has a fear of mice and even the cockroaches aren't getting on well with this uninvited guest. The Outsider



Strong Coffee The Cockroaches spike Oggy's coffee, causing him to move at an extremely fast pace. Shake Oggy Shake
Jack's Kit Jack arrives with a put-it-together-yourself roach-catching trap. When he tries to get some silence to work, the cockroaches try their best in causing as much noise as possible. This forces poor Oggy to try and keep them quiet, which is easier said than done. Cat Kit
Cute Little Puppy Oggy comes across an adorable dog who’s lost his way. Moved by the young pup’s moist eyes, he immediately takes him in. Everything would be fine if Jack didn’t surprise Oggy barking and immediately called for psychiatric help! A Dog Day Afternoon



The Great Invasion Jack is tired of the weak, useless toxins in the insecticide, so he decides to enhance it by using his new chemistry set. The result is... a gas that has the ability to clone the subject it was used on. Cloning Around
Tooth Exchange After witnessing Oggy receive money from the Little Mouse, Joey is determined to get some coins too, even if it means losing all of his teeth. Tooth Good to be True
Oggy's Costume The cockroaches play a hit-and-run prank where they frame Oggy by dressing up as him and attacking Jack. Oggy's Clone



Mamma Oggy The Cockroaches prank Oggy by inflating his stomach, making him think that he's pregnant. Nine Months and Counting
Oggy and the Kittens Jack chases for the cockroaches but Oggy supports them once and for all, so the cockroaches are thrown out. Just a few seconds after that they receive three young kittens. Jack yet has a doubt, can he solve the mystery? Or is there none at all? Oggy and the Babies
The Winning Ticket Oggy and Jack win the lottery ticket number for a massive sum of money, that is, until Dee Dee gets a hold of it. The Lottery Ticket



Super Dee Dee Oggy vs. Super Roach
Alone at Last So Lonely
Snack Time The Time Machine



Doll Idol Baby Doll
Ups and Downs Upside Down
Bless You Oggy! Hide and Sick



The Loot Go Slow With Your Dough
Roach Charmer Oggy and the Magic Flute
A Crazy Carpet Magic Carpet Ride



Wake-Up Oggy! Sleepless Night
Wild Flight Loony Balloons
Bouncing Ball Bugball


Cockroach Oggy Metamorphosis
An Intrusive Neighbor Homebreaker
Serenade for a Moster Oggy does a beautiful swan dive into his pool and hits his head on a sea monster! His panic quickly dissipates when he realizes that it's just old Nessie, the Lock [sic] Ness monster. Oggy will charm the big guy with a bagpipe and leads him back home... The Pied Bagpiper


A Shockproof Denture A Tooth for a Tooth
An Rebel Bait The Bait Bites Back
A Wild Train Ride One Track Life



Bad Luck Day Wrong Side of the Bed
Oggy Cat Trainer Oggy Has Kittens
The Tenants House for Rent


Chocolate Wars Bitter Chocolate
Nature's Call Occupied
Flying Lesson High Flyers


Crazy Driving! A Tip for the Road
Puzzle Mania Oggy's Puzzled
Special Deliveries Baby Boum


Under the Sun Heatwave
Abracadabra The Joker Joked
A Voracious Pet The Hungry Ostrich Empire


TV Addict TV Obsession
Sweet Teddy-Bear Un-Bear-able Bears
Oggy Robot Copy Cat
46 47 48 Christmas Spirit There's a snow storm raging on Christmas eve. Oggy throws the roaches out into the bitter cold so that he can continue decorating the Christmas tree in peace. But the Christmas spirit gets the better of him and he invites the roaches to join in the feast… A Truce for Christmas
A Crazy Week-end Blue Sunday
The Challenge Control Freak
49 50 51 Soccer Fever Penalty Shot
Lost at Sea Sea Risks
Deep into the Wild Safari, So Good
52 53 54 Wacky Garden Party Barbeque
Bath Time! Wash Day
Bowling Champions Strike!
55 56 57 Oggy's Girlfriend Love and Kisses


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