The fifth season of Oggy and the Cockroaches debuted on June 30, 2017 on Gulli[1] and July 1, 2017 on Cartoon Network.

Unlike previous seasons, Season 5 is about Oggy and the cockroaches in the past, which is basically an expansion of Oggy and the Cockroaches: The Movie. Because of this, the soundtrack in this season also reuses some of the soundtracks from the movie, and the intro and outro is different. Each three episodes is about one period.


This is a list of episodes in Season 5. For a list of every episode, see List of Episodes.

# Title Overview
270 271 272 The Great Pyramid Mystery Oggy chases the cockroaches across the great pyramid construction site, trying to get his sandwich back. In the wink of an eye, the blue cat and his scurrilous companions get lost inside the immense pyramid... Will they ever find their way out?
Oggy and the Grasshopper Cloud Joey fools around with Oggy's bird-caller whistle, and attracts a cloud of grasshoppers, who invade the pyramid. The Grasshopper Leader does a deal with Joey, and ousts Pharaoh Bob. Dee Dee and Marky feel left out, and join forces with Oggy to get rid of the invaders.
Oggy on the Nile Oggy invites Olivia for a dream cruise on the Nile. The cockroaches, furious at being denied access on board, decide to ruin the outing. Plagued with sea-sickness, Oggy does his best to stay afloat!
273 274 275 Gladiator Oggy Oggy and Olivia go to the Coliseum to watch a gladiator combat. The roaches filch Oggy's popcorn. He goes after them but ends up being enlisted as a gladiator! The roaches, propelled into the arena themselves, bitterly regret nicking Oggy's popcorn...
Shift that Chariot Oggy! When Oggy sees Olivia set off to Rome on Bob's chariot, he's miserable. How can he compete? He doesn't know how to drive those things! Jack gives him chariot driving lessons, which become a nightmare when the roaches get involved.
Oggy's Special Spa Oggy finds a great job working in the Roman Baths. Today, a celebrity is expected: Julius Caesar! Unfortunately, the cockroaches want to use the luxury spa too. Oggy freaks out: if Caesar sees those roaches, he can say goodbye to his new job!
276 277 278 RodeOggy Jack wants to participate in a rodeo contest organized by Buffalo Bill. Joey also wants the first prize. He is also registering. Jack then leaves the contest and asks Oggy to replace him. Who will win? Joey or Oggy?
Sheriff Oggy Jack decides to give Oggy his shrieff badge for a day off. Oggy must now deal with a bank robbery by the cockroaches and finally his greatest enemy - Bob.
Wanted The cockroaches stick Oggy's photo over a poster: 'WANTED - BOB'. A bounty hunter turns up in search of Oggy.
279 280 281 The Green Thumb Bob, head gardener in the Versailles Palace, gives Oggy a list of jobs to make the gardens beautiful.
Oggy the King's Coachman Jack calls Oggy, the King's coachman, to pick up the King at his palace in time. However, Olivia also wants to go on the chariot to bring her piano to fix, which is in the opposite direction from where he's going, while the cockroaches once again attack the chariot.
The Levee of the King Jack requests Oggy to make sure the majesty's normal morning routine goes perfectly normal so that he can shine before the royal portrait painter comes. They would be simple tasks if it's not because of the cockroaches.
282 283 284 Marky's Tournament Oggy and Marky both join a tournament in which the winner will get to marry the princess. As cockroaches are not allowed, Marky succeeds in disguising himself as a knight, and the tournament begins.
The Roaches Seize the Castle Lord Bob goes hunting and leaves Oggy and Jack the responsibility for the castle. The cockroaches throw the two out. Will Oggy and Jack manage to get back to the castle before the cockroaches make chaos upon Bob's return?
The Hunchback from the Cathedral Oggy wants to eat a sandwich in front of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, when his snack is suddenly stolen. However, this time, Quasimodo, the hunchback of Notre Dame, is behind the theft! He and Oggy become friends and protect Olivia together.
285 286 287 Oggy and the Treasure Oggy is a cabin boy on Jack's pirate ship. In search of a treasure they discover Bob's ship and abduct Olivia. There follows a crazy hunt over the treasure island...
The Octopus Masters Oggy finds a magic medallion in a shipwreck and hands it over to Olivia. When she puts it on, an octopus appears to fulfill her every wish. The 3 cockroaches try to steal the medallion...
288 289 290 The Precious Panda Oggy adopts a baby panda. The cockroaches want to get rid of it, but Marky falls into the baby's charm and makes a retreat at Joey's and Dee Dee's plan.
Fragile Goods! Oggy is entrusted with an honorable task - restoring the Emperor's precious Ming vase. But the cockroaches are obsessed with the idea that the vase would be filled with rice. Can Oggy find a way to protect the vase?
Baby Sitting for the Emperor The little emperor of China is a nightmare! He found Oggy in front of his palace and treated it as a beloved toy. Meanwhile, the cockroaches planned to overthrow the emperor! Can Oggy save the little emperor of China?
291 292 293 In the Glare of the Sun TBA
Goldfever TBA
Sacrificial Special TBA
294 295 296 Oggy’s 1001 Nights TBA
A Touch of Genius TBA
297 298 299 The Tiger Hunt TBA
Oggy the Fakir TBA
Cockroaches Play Cricket TBA



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