Season 3 is the third season of Oggy and the Cockroaches. It was created in around 2003-2004, and was released in 2007-2008.


This is the list of episodes from Season 3. For all episodes, see List of Episodes.

# Title (French title) Description Happy Ending (Oggy or Cockroaches)
157 158 159 Octopus Oggy finds, and befriends, an octopus (which the cockroaches want to eat), little does he know this octopus makes a habit of plotting robberies; when Oggy is at his most unaware when he sleeps and gets relaxed, the octopus sniggers and pulls Oggy's stuff into his head. Neither

(Chat de berger)

Oggy has a new job shaving sheep. For him, even here, the cockroaches are there, ready to get Oggy in trouble - for the shear love of it. Both
Night Watchmen

(Gardiens de nuit)

Oggy and a sleep-derived Jack are assigned to keep watch over a toxic waste plant, briefed to make sure no monkey business (including the cockroaches) will make this plant go nuclear. But while lazy Jack is sleeping, Oggy has to take damage from the cockroaches, trying his best to avoid sending the entire waste plant sky-high. Cockroaches
160 161 162 Abandoned Cockroaches

(Cafards abandonnes)

When Oggy and Jack go on vacation yet again, the cockroaches tag along. This causes the cats to plan on leaving them behind at a convenience store, which backfires the cats' plan by just destroying their car, and so they have to go on the slowest taxi. Cockroaches
V.I.P. Party

(La vie de chateau)

Our favorite feline is invited to a extravagant V.I.P. party. But as always, the cockroaches come along and turn this party up one notch too high, which ends up with Oggy suffering torture by Marky and Dee Dee, while Joey has eyes for Justine Delarue and her only. Cockroaches (mainly Joey)
Scuba Diving

(Le gros bleu)

When our not so deliberate duo, Oggy and Jack, take up scuba diving in Hawaii during their vacation, not even water can stop the cockroaches from tagging along and taking the plunge to cause their usual mischief - this time under the great blue. Cockroaches
163 164 165 Oggy and the Magic Shoes

(Oggy et les chaussures magiques)

While walking home, Oggy finds a pair of magic shoes, that can dance on their own whenever spit-shined, which he enjoys, and soon becomes famous with the toe tappers. But sooner, the cockroaches would ruin everything. Oggy
Casino Oggy receives his 1 million Euro payment, but unfortunately Jack spends it all on a casino joint. And of course, the cockroaches come along for the ride. Both (except Dee Dee and Jack)
Santa Oggy

(Oggy prend les rennes)

Right in the middle of this Christmas night, Santa Claus, while doing his routine gift delivery services, experiences - and gets disabled by - cockroach-related technical difficulties, so Oggy volunteers to do his job for him. The cockroaches are then trying to take the "merry" out of Oggy's merry Christmas tonight - festive anything-goes style. Cockroaches
166 167 168 Just Married!

(Vive les maries!)

The big day has arrived when Oggy gets invited to the marriage of his best friend, Jack, and a French poodle, promising to be cockroach-free, but Dee Dee, Marky and Joey come along for the wedding too, uninvited, just to raise a little heck... well, so much for that "No Cockroaches Allowed" policy of the invitation. Both (except Jack)
Living Carrots

(Carrottes Vivantes)

One day, Oggy discovers that all of the vegetables in his house are alive! So naturally, the vegetables are saved. But when Oggy gets hungry, they may have to resort to changing Oggy into a predator. Oggy and Jack
Castaway Cats

(Les naufrages)

Oggy and Jack, and then the cockroaches, get kicked off by a captain (thanks to the cockroaches) overboard on a cruise ship and fall on an island. While Oggy is enjoying himself, Jack is trying to leave. Meanwhile, the cockroaches are being kidnapped by a roach eater. Cockroaches
169 170 171 Trans-Amazonian


Oggy and Jack are on a wild safari. They run into friendly insectivore natives who accidentally make Jack unconscious which the cockroaches take advantage of. Jack
First Flight

(Bapteme de l'air)

Jack is preparing an airplane flight, while Oggy gets on the wrong flight and the cockroaches are the pilots.

(Note: When Oggy is being bounced from one side of plane to other by the cockroaches, he turns into a Smurf.)

Invincible After being run over by lots of cars (resulting in him looking like a giant flattened and run-over dough), Oggy discovers he has superpowers, and Jack becomes his sidekick in order to protect the world from villainy. However, both cats always get into trouble. Well, mostly Jack Both (except Jack)
172 173 174 Inside Out

(Volte face)

A witch drops a strange invention - an enchanted telescope, namely - in Oggy's house. When the cockroaches argue about who could use it, they accidentally grow to gigantic size - and of course manage to shrink Oggy, Jack, Bob, and even town. Oggy, Jack, and Bob
Priceless Roaches

(Tribulations en Chine)

Oggy is in China and the cockroaches are there also causing mischief. With that, Oggy sells them to a Chinese merchant but then starts to think he made the wrong decision. Oggy
The World Underneath

(Le monde du dessous)

The cockroaches' latest prank on Oggy is trapping him under the house, Jack hears of it and makes the cockroaches go down to save him. Both (except Jack)
175 176 177 Golden Eggs

(Papa poule)

While doing laundry, Oggy discovers a chicken that can lay eggs... but not just normal eggs - golden ones. When Joey learn of this, he trys to get inside the chicken to get one of her eggs too, for profits. Neither

(Opération Termites)

The cockroaches hire a termite to help them get in the cupboards. However, this termite causes problems with Oggy and Jack. Cockroaches
The Mini-Golf War

(La gurre du mini golf)

Oggy and Jack are playing mini golf in Oggy's yard. The cockroaches show up to cause trouble for Jack, while Oggy keeps getting a pefect score. Oggy
178 179 180 Oggywood Oggy is exploring scenic Hollywood, and the cockroaches try to bug him. The chase then leads them to several movie scene parodies. Cockroaches
Horse Ride

(En selle)

Jack brings Oggy a horse for a horse show. Oggy plans on getting famous for riding it but becomes only a show the cockroaches can enjoy. Both (except Oggy)
Oggy's Crab

(Le crabe a Oggy)

Oggy adopts a crab knowing that it keeps the cockroaches away, However, the crab soon gets a bit... clingy to Oggy, much to his dismay. Cockroaches
181 182 183 The Fugitive

(Le fugitif)

After catching him in the fridge, Oggy manages to "kill" cockroach Dee Dee, but he does not realize that Dee Dee is just playing dead. Also, Joey and Marky call the police and a crime inspector to make this even worse for Oggy. Oggy
The Ancestor


Oggy finds a past form of a cockroach frozen in his garden. The kind cockroaches unfreeze him, later finding out the really, really hard way that what cockroach they've thawed is a wild cat eater - which equals Oggy is bound to end up becoming the main item in a prehistoric cave-bug's menu. Cockroaches
Surf's On

(Les princes de la glisse)

Oggy and Jack are out surfing but Oggy is stuck with the big board. Plus, after he manages to control it, the cockroaches make things worse for him and Jack. Cockroaches
184 185 186 Hold Up

(Qui Veut Voler Des Millions?)

Oggy must protect the banks' money, but the cockroaches steal his forklift, and Oggy has to get it back once and for all! Cockroaches


Jack opens up a pizza delivering business and Oggy is the deliverer. But Oggy's job becomes difficult once the cockroaches steal Oggy's every order. Both (except Jack)
Oggy's Grandma

(La mamie d'Oggy)

Oggy's grandmother returns which means bad news for the cockroaches. Considering, she drinks a power coffee, making her super strong against them. Both (except Joey)
187 188 189 Locked Outside

(Enfermes dehors)

The cockroaches lock poor Oggy out of his house. Now Oggy must find a way back in before his house is trashed. Cockroaches
Cartoon Lesson

(Leçon de cartoon)

While watching a bunch of old cartoons, Oggy and the cockroaches are transported in the projector. Oggy then finds the characters who want to teach him a little something about cartoons. Oggy
Ugly, Dirty and Good

(Affreux, sale, et gentil)

Cockroach Joey is hit on the head and treats Oggy like a role model. Now Marky and Dee Dee must try to change him back Both
190 191 192 Moving Out

(Trois pieces cuisine)

Oggy is up to his breaking point with the cockroaches so he moves to the city. Feeling sad and lonely, the cockroaches try to look for him. Oggy
Deep Trouble

(Peril au periscope)

Oggy and Jack climb aboard a submarine but the cockroaches come along and take over the entire ship.

(Note: This is also the last appearance of Monica.)

The Cicada and the Cockroach

(La cigale et le cafard)

Kindhearted Oggy takes in a cicada hoping to use her sound for relaxation, not realizing it gives Joey a headache. Both (except Joey)
193 194 195 Oggy's Double

(La sosie d'Oggy)

Oggy finds another cat that is a near-perfect replica of himself (save for a white spot on his tail). When Jack learns of this, the real Oggy decides to play a joke on the cockroaches making them think that Oggy is everywhere, resulting in double the trouble for the cockroaches, double the laughs for the cats. Well, just Joey. When Joey finds out that Oggy (in the shape of a soda can) is on the moon, and soon while the cats are talking before the white-tail Oggy leaves, Joey goes decidous after getting his head exploded. Oggy and Jack
Formula 1

(Formule 1)

Jack invites Oggy to see him participate as an F1 racer in the big racing tournament being hosted at the circuit arena. But when the cockroaches come with the cats to get their race on, havoc-wreaking bug style, things are about to go way too turbo for Oggy and Jack to stomach. Oggy and Jack
To Serve and Protect

(Police Académie)

Oggy and Jack attend Bob's police training camp, while the cockroaches sabotage Jack's every task and leave Oggy's tasks alone, making Oggy win. Both


  • This season was the longest waiting for the new season. 4 years from Welcome to Paris (2003) until Octopus (2007).
  • This is the shortest season in the entire series with only 39 episodes (half the usual amount).

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