Episode Information
Season 3, Episode 9
Santa Oggy Title
Air date November 20, 2008
Written by Hugo Gittard
Episode Guide
Just Married!

Santa Oggy is the 9th episode of season 3.


Right in the middle of this Christmas night, Santa Claus, while doing his routine gift delivery services, experiences - and gets disabled by - cockroach-related technical difficulties, so Oggy volunteers to do his job for him. Too bad the cockroaches are trying to take the "merry" out of Oggy's merry Christmas tonight - festive anything-goes style.


Oggy wants a christmas present and Santa was being hurted by the cockroaches. Oggy saves Santa's life and Oggy will be a Santa Cat. Oggy arrives to the home that the cockroaches make Oggy destroys christmas and made the family angry. The reindeers were waiting for Oggy puting presents nicley. Later the cockroaches drive the sleigh and the elves use the rockets to shoot the cockroaches. Then Santa Claus gives Oggy a present and there was the cockroaches inside his present.



  • Oggy
  • Reindeer
  • Joey
  • Dee Dee
  • Marky



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