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Episode Information
Season 4, Episode 35
Roommate Wanted Title
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Directed by Stéphane Annette
Episode Guide
Jack's Nephew
The Bathtub Race

Roommate Wanted is the 35th episode of S4 and the 230th episode overall.


Oggy is getting mighty bored living all alone. As he vacuums the spare room, he suddenly has an idea. So he decides to make a list of roommates to be with him so that he can't be bored. Unfortunately for Oggy, his roommates are afraid of the cockroaches and every time Oggy hired more roommates, they keep on leaving his house because of the cockroaches.




  • Oggy
  • Cockroaches


  • Roommates
  • Jack


  • When Oggy's first roommate notices the cockroaches on his bed, Dee Dee's nose went missing.


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