Episode Information
Season 1, Episode 0
Air date December 13, 2016
Episode Guide
Bitter Chocolate
The three-and-a-half minutes long Pilot was released on the official Oggy Channel on YouTube on December 13, 2016.



The pilot starts with the logo (notice the removed blue oval and the red ring in the "O" was slightly thinner), then it opens with the cockroaches inside the fridge until Oggy opens the fridge, noticing the roaches talking in a yogurt, then Oggy takes the yogurt and try to find them until he squeeze the yogurt, revealing the roaches' heads, which they spit the yogurt onto his face, then they dash off.

Later, they steal food, which Oggy tries to chase them, then Joey drops an apple which cause Oggy to slip through the stairs, he fell off the stairs, then the cockroaches went into the washing machine which Oggy tries to get them, then Joey close the washing machine, which Oggy's face was hit by it, the roaches laugh at him, which he tries to pull his head out.

Oggy then sets a trap and takes his turkey to his living room. In the living room, Oggy was trying to get one piece of the turkey, but the turkey ran from him, revealing it was Marky for the whole time, then Oggy pulls the carpet to retreat his turkey, but Marky puts a dynamite into his turkey, then explodes Oggy, half blackned him, his elbow hanging downwards, deflated his nose and his teeth fell off.

Continuing the chase until the roaches stop him to look below, causing the scene to rotate itself to reveal his kitchen, this makes Oggy frightened like a cat, but he fell down and caught by several mousetraps.

The cockroaches steal food once again until Oggy's head was stuck inside the washing machine, then Marky and Dee Dee turn on the washing machine until his head was puffed.

Oggy sadly walks to the kitchen, then he see inside the fridge, then he found a red bean, he takes it to his living room.

Oggy eats a red bean near the end, but he farts and the roaches laughed at the end.


(RARE AND EXCLUSIVE😲) Oggy and the Cockroaches - The secret episode (S1E0) FULL EPISODE03:53

(RARE AND EXCLUSIVE😲) Oggy and the Cockroaches - The secret episode (S1E0) FULL EPISODE


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