Episode Information
Season 4, Episode 59
Picnic Panic Title
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Directed by Julien Thompson
Episode Guide
Steamed Out!
Lights Out!

Picnic Panic is the 59th episode of S4 and the 254th episode overall.


Oggy, Olivia, and Jack are on a picnic, but unfortunately their picnic got ruined when the cockroaches even the ants are trying to steal their food.



Major Characters

Happy Ending/Winning Character(s)

Nobody but Bob, because Joey, Marky, and Dee Dee got defeated by the ants, and Oggy's picnic was completely ruined.

  • Bob - He didn't let them get on the bus, nothing bad happened to him, and beaten up Oggy, Olivia, and Jack


  • This is the first time Bob beats Olivia with just a rock.
  • Everybody had a bad ending, excluding Bob and The Ants. Joey, Marky, and Dee Dee got defeated and hit the window on their way. Oggy, Jack, and Olivia had their picnics ruined by The Cockroaches, and The Ants.


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