Episode Information
Season 2, Episode 48
Penalty Title
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Storyboarded by Christophe Ollivier
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Penalty Shot is the 48th episode of Season 2.


After watching a game of soccer on TV, cockroach Joey introduces it to Dee Dee and Marky, and decide to have their own game. However, they soon learn that finding the perfect pitch is no walk in the park, even if it means using Jack as a mini soccer field.


Jack is watching a football match on TV, equipped with cans of cola and a airhorn. Oggy wants to insert the plug from the vacuum to the outlet, but Jack dosen’t want his brother to change the plugs. The former then charges his anger and beats Oggy.

The Cockroaches are in the air vent and Joey decides to watch the football match. When the team Joey was supporting won a penalty, hence the title of the episode, Jack decides to put him into the airhorn and a saliva-coated Joey gets shot to the air vent.

Dee Dee and Marky saw a splatted Joey, who has been coated in saliva, before giving him some extra beatings.

Now back to his normal shape, Joey tells Dee Dee and Marky not to beat him again. Joey then shows two football shorts worn during the match, but Dee Dee and Marky thinks they’re boxer shorts, angering Joey.

The roaches are now wearing shorts and Joey picks up a Telstar ball and plays with it, showing some skills. As he doing that, Dee Dee holds the ball with his foot, knocking Joey down.

After he tell them to practice on a different terrain, the roaches found another field: grass!

They kick the ball around until it hits them stuck. Joey then ask his brothers to mow the grass, then they ride on a lawnmower, slicing the grass down even destroying Oggy’s flowers. The latter stands on the handle of the lawnmower ready to catch them. Joey pushes the lever and ride the opposite way. They rode around the grass before crashing into Bob’s house, shaving his fur off and Oggy gave him a red card. Bob then gives him a punishment.

Joey shows Dee Dee and Marky more tricks when a naked Oggy passes by with his lawnmower and Bob traps them in cement.

Back to the air vent, Joey thinks about having a football pitch. They decided to use Jack as a pitch and Joey hits his head with a mallet, then Joey calls several insects, leading them to Jack, who has be turned into a football pitch. Joey then starts the match and Oggy hears him blowing a whistle, seeing the roaches playing football on Jack. Oggy decides to watch the insects playing football as Jack cries.

Deleted Scene from

  • Soccer Fever (Dee Dee and Marky Holds The Mirror, Joey Holds The Mirror Was Cut)



  • This is the first episode to be storyboarded by Christophe Ollivier.
  • The ball in the title card is called ‘Tricolore’ for 1998 FIFA World Cup, held in France, as you can tell the ‘Tango’ pattern around it. Appropriately, France is also the home of Oggy and the Cockroaches.


  • Right before Joey push the lever on the lawnmower, his left eye was pink for a brief second.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - Penalty Shot (S2E125) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Penalty Shot (S2E125) Full Episode in HD

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