Episode Information
Season 4, Episode 8
IMG 1456
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Storyboarded by Alexandre Viano
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Panic Room is the 8th episode of Season 4.


While Oggy was chasing Dee Dee, Oggy was hit by bricks that were built by the cockroaches. Oggy ordered online a kit from his laptop. In the morning, Joey saw a mysterious gold door in Oggy's house, but he ignored it. The cockroaches checked every room and thought there's no Oggy in the house. Oggy saw the cockroaches in hidden camera and fight back.


Oggy decides to take revenge from cockroaches and orders a product.He makes a room with many security cameras to see all the moves of the cockroaches and with buttons which can be used to beat cockroaches.when the cockroaches do not find Oggy, the next morning they thought it as a great chance of them to eat food from his refrigirator but Oggy started beating them by the help of his room he had made, When the cockroaches come to know that they used many things to break the door and get in.

They finally found the plan of that room and come to know that the can get their by the toilet in the room. They go there when Oggy was seeing the recording of all the things he did to the cockroaches. they throw him out of the room and started to beat them the same way Oggy did.



  • Oggy's laptop logo is a pear, a parody of "Apple". This can be a reference to iPear from Dan Schneider shows, such as Drake and Josh, iCarly and Victorious.
  • This is the first episode since "Oggy vs. Super Roach" where only Oggy and the Cockroaches appear.
  • This is the only Season 4 episode to have the Season 3 animation.


  • When the roaches try to look for Oggy in the bathroom, Joey's eyes have switched colours.
  • When the cockroaches are plastered to the ceiling, Joey's eyes briefly switch colours.
  • When the insects first emerge from the oven, Joey's eyes have switched colours.


Oggy and the Cockroaches - Panic Room (S04E08) Full Episode in HD07:38

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Panic Room (S04E08) Full Episode in HD


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