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Episode Information
Season 4, Episode 1
Air date August 10, 2012
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Directed by Charles Vaucelle
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Formula 1
The Lighthouse Keeper

Olivia is the first episode of season 4.

Oggy and the cockroaches Season 4 Episode 1 <i>Olivia</i>07:35

Oggy and the cockroaches Season 4 Episode 1 ''Olivia''

Watch the first episode of Season 4


When a new girl cat named Olivia moves into Oggy's neighborhood, he instantly falls in love with her. But, not only are Bob and Jack (who are working together) also pining for Olivia, when the cockroaches see the whole thing, they pull out all the tricks they can to throw a wrench into this relationship.


SPOILER ALERT! Important details about the plot are up ahead.

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The cockroaches got heatwave by themselves but Oggy walked that the hose softly, simultaneously landed at the roaches' stomach and laugh to them. Then Oggy heard the furniture truck who moved near the bush. Oggy was very surprised that a white cat walked out, which is the new girl named Olivia . Olivia said "Hello, my name is: Olivia" to Oggy. But Oggy surprisingly waters Olivia's grass and she wiggled her fingers. Oggy hold the hose but he can't do it. The cockroaches are doused by Oggy. Olivia giggles to Oggy, but Oggy was doused then she go inside. Oggy made a shape of a heart made of hose. The roaches are hanging their body cover, until he was arguing when Joey saw Oggy flying on the top of them. Because Oggy wants to make Olivia as his girlfriend. Joey gets an awkward feeling while Oggy was glad to see Olivia.

Oggy baked the cake for Olivia's party. Oggy heard the bell then he opens the door, and is revealed to be Olivia. Olivia was coming to give Oggy an invitation card for her outdoor party. Oggy was wearing an apron but he thinks that Olivia don't like him when Oggy will show the apron, and Oggy then reluctantly hides the apron. She gave the card to Oggy to come her home, but due to Olivia's extreme/intense beauty, Oggy accepted . Olivia said goodbye to him. The cockroaches planned to hit Oggy purposely with a wooden mallet. As the cockroaches hit it hard, the view zooms out far to the Earth as the Earth shakes due to censorship but Oggy didn't feel it while Oggy is still wiggling his fingers as goodbye although Olivia is not there. But Joey unremittingly smash his tail, but Oggy, however, can't feel it, until Joey stops. Joey wants to try to hit Marky and Dee Dee but it can. Joey gets confused what happened to him.

Oggy wore a bow to come to Olivia's house. He combs his ears as his hair. He wants his tummy to look strong, though he is exaggeratedly pretending. Although Oggy is having a heavy weight, his tummy is, however, falling down, as again, of his heavy weight. Oggy rang the bell with his feet. Olivia rushes to Oggy and what she saw is the things that he wanted to give her. She wants to shake hands to Oggy and she mention her name. Oggy can't shake her hand because his hands are now in full load. He kissed her hand then she takes the flower and she kiss him. His bow is removed inexplicably then she told Oggy to enter her backyard. The cockroaches hide in the basket.

As Oggy reached Olivia's house, Oggy stopped for a while where it zoomed to Jack and Bob . Both of them is already there. Bob moves his glass upwards for a little then down as its "Hi". Jack used his hand with a "Hello" movement. Oggy was really frustrated as the background is red. Oggy approached near Bob and wanted to hand shake Bob. Bob smiles and crushes Oggy's hand, making his hand to be exceedingly red, though he is not screaming. The cockroaches left the basket surreptitiously where Olivia brought 8 mini cakes. Olivia gave it to Oggy but was fatally squeezed by Jack and Bob. Oggy was out of the way where Jack and Bob ate the mini cakes but not all of them. Because Bob and Jack are eager to eat the cakes, they eat it swiftly, and frosting was spilled messily. Oggy regains his composure/tranquility, and is now eating the cakes near the jelly instead. Jack and Bob were near Olivia, thinking that Olivia is much more alluringly be with Jack or either Bob but she changed her mind, and conspicuously is with Oggy. Olivia rubbed Oggy's arm as white hair was standing up straight and the juice was spiting out steam and Oggy whistles with the sound of a train. (that goes to show that he feels a little shy with Olivia, and Oggy has an exclusively unknown voice box)

Plus, Oggy also made white hair in the sides in his body,head and the bottom. Oggy made his heart go out but not outside him and also everywhere him. It made the background change flowers where Oggy and Olivia were running and jumping. Oggy stopped and sang a song with an opera man singing voice but was back near Olivia. Oggy stopped as Olivia clapped with exhaust. The cockroaches again, Joey told Marky and Dee Dee eat the food. Oggy and Olivia were talking but Oggy noticed the cockroaches. Marky used Dee Dee as its lawn mower, but instead, Dee Dee was the "food mower"! Olivia was still laughing but Oggy pointed at the butterflies and Olivia noticed it, and Olivia was distracted. Oggy raised the swatter and Dee Dee was still eating it. Oggy was swating it, however, over the roaches but the roaches were not hit somehow. Oggy swat the food instead of the roaches, but he is still going on. Olivia was counting the butterflies, but Oggy already swat the roaches. 

Oggy pulled the swatter and released it then the cockroaches flew over the wall. Oggy was caught by Olivia and she felt sad, noticing that she predicted that he was going to slay the butterflies. Oggy hid the swatter back him but Jack told Oggy that the food was thrown over Jack and Bob's face. The table (buffet in frequent uses) was destroyed, and the food was spoiled. Bob made sausages and put it on the burger. Olivia gave it to Oggy. Since Oggy is still watching them, Dee Dee ate the sausage and Joey replaced it into a thin, sliced pepper. Oggy accidentally ate the burger without notice, so he felt he ate the pepper. Olivia laughed to Oggy to see how good it was. Oggy is filled with anxiety, saying that it was perfect and hurriedly rushed to her backyard. Oggy exceedingly spit out fire that burnt the moon, turned it into a big ball of ash, and became a big drip of ashes.

Oggy rapidly ate the grass, knowing that the grass would remove the spice and he then noticed a fountain. He jumped on the fountain and drank the water. Olivia caught Oggy as she said "Oh!". Oggy swam on the water within timid feeling and said the air became hot. Bob and Jack fisted as Olivia knew it. She brought a swimming pool with the pool cloth is unknown (cotton, corduroy etc.)but Jack and Bob wanted to blow the pool. Bob used Jack's chin, pulled it and covered Jack's face, which made Jack to be blind and let him stun. Bob blows the pool zealously. The pool was already done while Olivia was vehement and got on pool. Olivia threw her cloth on Oggy's face and was on a bikini. Oggy was ready to go to the pool but Oggy is not noticing that Joey added vegetable oil on the near end of the board. Oggy stepped on the oil and fly high. Olivia was surprised and Bob kicked the pool aside then Oggy fell down. Olivia rides in her flocked bean bag water chair and Jack and Bob impress her. Oggy appears in front of Olivia and impresses her to. Oggy splashed Olivia too much but Bob splashed to and made a large tidal wave (tsunami). It crashes Oggy in the edge of the pool. Jack and Bob brofist again. Unfortunately, Joey tied Jack and Bob's foot,while the ropes are attached to the anvil. Marky blew the pool and the water began to spill around the city uncontrollably. Bob and Jack squish their faces. Oggy and Olivia flew out the pool even as the water. The water only spilled on the roads. A traffic light powered color red. The water stops mysteriously. Two kids walk on the sidewalk to another one and lights the green color. The water continues to move and dampen the city. The roaches disagreed Olivia and Oggy flew the roaches. Oggy hit Dee Dee to Pit's dog food. Then Oggy swats Joey and he flew to a blender and he was liquified. Lastly, he swat Marky away but Marky landed on a flower. A lawnmower moaned Marky and made Marky in to hair, but mostly like a hay. Oggy laughs but Olivia was screaming. The camera moves far away and the road had ended. Oggy goes really fast until he saved Olivia. Olivia kissed Oggy. Oggy made Jack and Bob to dry the city because Bob and Jack messed Oggy from the pool. Olivia wanted to see Oggy again next time and Olivia kisses Oggy again and Oggy goes back home. The roaches now began to hammer Oggy's tail again but Oggy swat the roaches and they were hammered. Oggy happily goes back home and the episode ends.

End Spoilers


Major Characters

  • Oggy (Protagonist)
  • Olivia (Protagonist)(new character)

Minor Characters

  • Kids
  • Unnamed people
  • Pit


  • When Olivia was saved by Oggy, her bikini disappeared.
  • At surfing, Joey had the same colors as Dee Dee.
  • At the part where Joey told Marky to hold Dee Dee and eat the food,Dee Dee was in his colors. But after two next scenes. Dee Dee was in Joey's colors.


  • This is the first episode of season four.
  • This is also the first episode to be HD.
  • This is even the first episode to star Olivia
  • It is perfectly seen in this episode that Olivia's house is beside(at the left)Oggy's house but in "The Ice Rink" her house and Bob's house exchanged location means Bob's house was at left and Olivia's house was in front of Oggy's house in that episode.
  • It's also the first episode made in 2012.


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