Oggy et les Cafards Tome 1: Plouf, Prouf, Vrooo!
Oggy et les Cafards T1
Author Diego Aranega
Illustrator Frévin
Publication date April 16, 2010
Published by Dargaud
ISBN 978-2205-06434-6
Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
Oggy et les Cafards Tome 2: Crac, Boum, Miaouuuuu!
A book full of comic strips.

Le rendez-vous galant... (The tryst...)

Oggy tries to iron Jack's suit but Joey's at the controls...

Jeux de patience... (Games of patience...)

Oggy makes a pyramid of cards, only for the cockroaches to make both it and him collapse.

Thermostat maximal... (Maximum thermostat...)

The cockroaches appear to be sunbathing inside the oven...

Le père 100 kilos... (The 100 kilos father...)

Oggy throws out all of the food after discovering he's overweight.

La bonne planque... (The gravy train...)

Oggy puts the refrigerator in a hot-air balloon to keep the roaches from raiding it.

Plouf, Prouf, Vroooooo... (Splash, Splat, Vroooooo...)

Using plaster, Joey, Marky and Dee Dee turn Oggy and Jack into bowling pins.

Jacuzzi-Yakuzas... (Jacuzzi-Yakuza...)

The roaches lure Oggy out of his Jacuzzi in order to put something in it...

Le Green'Otage... (The Green Hostage...)

Oggy gets a hole-in-one thanks to the cockroaches but it's another one of their traps...

Un plongeon à 180 degrés... (A dive at 180 degrees...)

Oggy makes sure the water in his pool is just right, only for Joey to find another way to mess up his dive.

Œil pour œil, dent pour dent... (Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth...)

The cockroaches take control of Oggy just to make him agitate Bob.

La touche finale... (The finishing touch...)

Oggy needs three buttons to complete his snowman. Cue the cockroaches...

Oggy Candeloro...

The roaches modify Oggy's skates to their liking...

Souvenirs d'hiver... (Winter memories...)

Dee Dee, Marky and Joey attempt a midnight raid on a heavily secured fridge.

Can be bought here, includes sample pages.

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