Oggy and the Magic Flute is the 51st episode of Season 1, and was remade as the twentieth episode for Season 6 under the title Roach Charmer. Oggy plays a magic flute and unwittingly hypnotizes Marky.


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Oggy was watching TV. He saw a huge cobra standing against a snake charmer. He started to play his flute. The cobra nearly attacked him. Oggy was shocked. Suddenly,the cobra started to dance to the snake charmer's music. Oggy became excited and willing to give it a try. He ran outside his house and went to Bob's house. He found Bob's car and removed it's exhaust pipe, not knowing Bob was inside the car. He barked at Oggy.

Oggy tried to charm Bob using the exhaust pipe,but Bob was thinking that he was out of his mind and started to beat up Oggy.

In his house, Oggy was looking at a book about flutes and woodwinds and thought something was missing. Then,he got an idea. He took a large nail and a hammer to poke holes on the exhaust pipe. Meanwhile, the cockroaches saw that oggy was doing something. Then they saw three roasted whole chicken.


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