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Episode Information
Season 4, Episode 57
IMG 1457
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
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Oggy and the Dodo Bird is the 57th episode of Season 4.


Oggy takes a bird home and Dee Dee decided to eat her.


Oggy found and takes a dodo bird named "Charlie" in front of his house, and Dee Dee decided to eat her. Oggy felt she's annoying and decided to put her away from him. He failed and he grab a phone and talk to a guy who want to take Charlie. In the end, while Dee Dee want to eat her, she jump and successfully to fly and when a guy arrived, Oggy told that Charlie was flew away.




  • Guy


Oggy And The Cockroaches Season 4 - Oggy and the dodo bird07:38

Oggy And The Cockroaches Season 4 - Oggy and the dodo bird


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