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Episode Information
Season 1, Episode 46
Air date 1999
Written by Jean-Louis Capron
Episode Guide
The Dictator

Oggy VS Super Roach is the 46th episode of S1 and overall.


While repairing the roaches' TV in one stormy night, Dee Dee is struck by lightning, which gives him super strength. However, Dee Dee lets this get to his head, causing him to be a villain toward Oggy and even his fellow roaches, Marky and Joey.


When Dee Dee gets a shock while repairing the TV, he gets superpowers. Firstly that made Joey and Marky happy but then Dee Dee started becoming villain for them too. So,they started making plans to get rid of Dee Dee and his superpowers but nothing worked and when Dee Dee later explained. Oggy throws the windows with the cockroaches inside it and then gets superpowers.


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