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Episode Information
Season 4, Episode 12
Shadow Title
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Episode Guide
Lightning Visit
Buddy Parrot


Oggy's shadow come to life and he loses it.


While Oggy and the cockroaches were fighting they turn on a bright lisht on Oggy and by fetting nails traps his shadow and hence Oggy. Oggy cut the place where he and his shadow were meeting but when he came after beating the cockroaches, the shadow was nowhere to be find.Oggy somehow find it and make himjoiin his body and sleep.

The next day the shadow is again nowhere to be found. Oggy find him watering plants but when he asks him to again join. It refuses.


  • Oggy
  • Olivia
  • Joey
  • Dee Dee
  • Marky
  • Bob
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Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6

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