Oggy's Fries is a game available on most game sites. It can be played through:

  • Cartoon Network Asia Website
  • Y8
  • Oggy and the Cockroaches' official website (French)

What to do

You must smash the cockroaches with Oggy's fist before they steal all of the french fries. You have twenty french fries which count as lives. Smashing other things wastes your time, smashing the ketchup covers the screen and smashing the french fries causes you to lose one of them. At some point, Jack may appear and he will try to take the entire plate of fries, so you have to smash his hand to protect the plate. Losing all of the french fries results in a game over.


  • Oggy: playable character
  • Cockroaches: main antagonist
    • Joey
    • Dee Dee
    • Marky
  • Jack: minor antagonist


  • Sometimes, Dee Dee and a fly with him riding on it may appear in the same moment.


  • The main menu
  • Gameplay
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About the game

The game has a few differences from it's episode, French Fries:

  • Jack is seen in the game, while in the episode he doesn't.
  • Dee Dee doesn't use flies in the episode, yet he uses one in the game.

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