• Flyswatter: The common weapon used by OggyJack  and Bob seem to be use it too. Best for Oggy to swat the cockroaches good.
  • Hammer: Oggy use it several time in Season 2. The hammer sometimes useful for him when his flyswatter is unequipped.
  • Club: A wooden club used by Oggy in Roachy RedneckElvis growing plants and noisy makes Oggy feels uncomfortable so he grab this, but Kustl is different than he thinks.
  • Chainsaw: A dangerous weapon Oggy sometimes use it. As sometimes angry, he can't control his anger management, he'll use this.
  • Sword: Only seen in Boxing Fever. Oggy wants to dual Bob as he tries to play his best sports.
  • Axe: The axe used by Oggy even the Cockroaches. This weapon is neutral.
  • Knife: Oggy sometimes use this slice the cockroaches.
  • Baseball Bat: Use it to cut Jack and Bob save them when they are stuck.
  • Frying Pan: Oggy's cooking weapon.
  • Laser Flyswatter: Only seen in Oggywan - Kenoggy.

Long Range

  • Assault Rifle: Seen in Soldier For A Day. Oggy guards the armory with equipping this.
  • Rocket Launcher: A massive grenade blaster seen in several episodes.
  • Grenade: Not very seen much, but this is a good weapon for Oggy.
  • Dynamite: Rarely Oggy use this, he could grab it from the Cockroaches.



Tank: A tank Oggy uses in Up To... No Good!, riding the mountains.

  • Volkswagen Beetle: Oggy's normal transportation.
  • Chrysler 300 C 5.7: Another Oggy's car, maybe it rented before the Volkswagen.
  • Jones's Tank: As a rookie, Oggy is learned how to drive a tank.
  • Jones's Plane: Testing Oggy how to fly on the sky with his men-biz. (Note: Oggy doesn't have aviophobia on this episode.)
  • Jones's Submarine: Can't control tank or plane, maybe Oggy can control submarine.

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