Episode Information
Season 2, Episode 63
Title Oggy's Bag
Air date 2004
Written by Nicolas Gallet
Storyboarded by Lionel Allaix
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Oggy's Bag is the 63rd episode of Season 2.


Oggy chases the cockroaches into his dirty laundry bag. However, they soon find out that this bag's a world of its own, and the clothes come to life.


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In the morning, Oggy is taking a "bath" by licking himself. When he is done, he finds his laundry bag smells, and then he goes to take it to the washing machine. However, what he doesn't know is that the cockroaches are in the washing machine too, and he orders them to get out of the machine. While he is not looking, the cockroaches steal his bag and then, Oggy is shocked to find his bag missing. He then chases the bag, whom Joey and Marky are riding, while Marky throws a sock like a banana peel. Oggy trips on it, and lands on his teeth. Joey and Marky then clean the floor, causing Oggy to speed up so much that when he collides with another washing machine, he trips right in it! Joey turns it on, and then Dee Dee arrives with the laundry bag. They then swap places: Dee Dee is riding on the bag and Joey and Marky are vice versa, leaving some clothes on the way. Oggy comes out and finds the clothes. He follows them as if he's following footprints, and then finds the roaches messing with the clothes. He screams and runs up to his laundry bag to catch the roaches, but they then jump in it, just in time! Oggy laughs and jumps in, too. While falling, Oggy notices some flying clothes, and is confused.




  • Clothes
  • Polar bears


  • When Oggy notices that his bag smells, he says "wow".
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