Episode Information
Season 1, Episode 18
Nine Months Title
Air date February 21, 1999
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Directed by Thomas Szabó
Episode Guide
A Tip for the Road

Nine Months and Counting is the 18th episode of Season 1.


Again, the cockroaches show up. While Oggy slept a night, they inflated Oggy's stomach, who next morning began thinking that he's pregnant and eats all kind of things so that his "babies" stay fit. However, it's not true, even you know, and soon he'll find that only females can be pregnant, not males. Right?


This episode opens up with Oggy in bed, while the Cockroaches use an air pump on his stomach and keep inflating it, until the next day.

The next day, Oggy- who has just woke up and starts to brush his teeth,  notices his belly has grown huge. He then runs to the bathroom and picks up a magazine, saying on the cover 'Mome' and he assumes he is pregnant.

Next, he dreams of having kids. With a mirror, holding his back and even sucks in his belly button after that he goes through the door, but gets jammed half way through and we see the cockroaches laughing at him.

Later, Oggy is eating strawberries, whilst eating, Oggy sees something that looks like it's kicking (probably indegestion) and he thinks that it's his baby/babies kicking. Following that he performs a scan, and sees something, and thinks it's his baby. He then, is seen knitting clothes for his baby/babies.

Oggy walks out the room and the door has gone circular in order to get his belly through. After he leaves, the cockroaches leap into one of his suits and start dancing.

A day after we see him craving ice cream he is then holding his belly against the mirror then he starts doing exercises.

The next day we see him craving bananas, and he starts sewing pillows; after he's done, he brings the pillow over to a cradle with the cockroaches in it, and he chases after them, but since the size of his belly he is slow after the chase he goes down the stairs slowly.  Then Jack comes in and hits the cockroaches with a news paper and he has a little tooth pick in his mouth. 

Oggy finally made it down, and Jack watched in surprise. Jack asked what is this. Oggy says there is a pop-up news for him. Jack says that there's no pop-up and pops his belly. After Oggy becomes a thin cat and all air is released, Jack gets away. Roach gang laughs like mad and Oggy is very upset, but then he sees the air pump....

In the the end he finds the air pump and inflates the cockroaches and they float out of his house and into the sky, then Oggy pulls a tongue at them, and then it ends.


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Minor Characters

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