Episode Information
Season 3, Episode 3
(Only In K2)
Title Night Watchmen Remastered
Air date September 28, 2008
Written by Hugo Gittard
Storyboarded by Hugo Gittard
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Abandoned Cockroaches

Night Watchmen is the 3rd episode of Season 3.


The cousins are left in charge of a toxic plant; while Jack sleeps, Oggy has to take care that anything wrong doesn't happen while the roaches cause chemical havoc!


The boss tells that they are in charge of a toxic plant and make sure no monkey business will make this plant go nuclear. They accept it, but Jack only wants to sleep. Then Oggy sees the cockroaches, going up to the second floor. The cockroaches jump into an open barrel of toxic poison. Oggy then falls into the barrel, while the cockroaches melt. They are now shapeless, so they went into a washing machine. Surprisingly, they end up turning into clothes, then animals, and finally Etno, Bud, Candy and Gorgious from the show, Space Goofs. They then turn back to their normal selves, and when they do, Oggy buries the roaches. Jack then lazily wakes up. He then thinks he wants a coffee and adds a very little drop of a nuclear liquid. Then the toxic plant blows up!





  • When Oggy and the cockroaches are in the washing machine, their last form before going back to normal is Etno, Gorgious, Candy and Bud from Space Goofs, a cartoon also produced by Xilam. This can be a reference to said show's episode, Once Upon a Time, when the aliens were hiding in a lady's washing machine.

Errors in Normal Episode

  • Joey's eyes have switched colours when they're first seen driving a forklift.
  • When Dee Dee is showing his puffed head in the original version, his nose changes from black to orange.
  • When the roaches enter a chimney, Joey's eyes have switched colours.
  • After the cockroaches fly through a fan, both of Joey's eyes are pink.
  • As Oggy catches up with the insects while soaring, Marky's body is green and Dee Dee and Joey have switched colours.
  • While the roaches are running on the rim of the drum of radioactive waste, Joey's eyes have switched colours.

Errors and Non-Errors in Normal and Remastered Episode

  • Marky's Body Is Cyan No't Gray.



Oggy and the Cockroaches - NIGHT WATCHMEN (S03E03) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - NIGHT WATCHMEN (S03E03) Full Episode in HD

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