Episode Information
Season 4, Episode 27
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Storyboarded by Alexandre Viano
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Mister Cat is the 27th episode of Season 4.


Oggy is taking part of a Mister Cat contest, but then Bob also enters with his new pet cat. When it comes to the final round, Bob decides to ask help from the cockroaches to fix the contest to make sure his pet cat wins.


Jack, Olivia and Oggy are walking around when Jack saw a poster for the Mister Cat contest. Then Oggy tries to show off his muscles, but all he got was a bump from each of his fingers. Jack and Olivia laugh at Oggy, and they walk to the Mister Cat contest along with Oggy. Jack tries to sign up for the contest, but the woman thinks he is a ferocious lion and says that only cats are allowed. Bob then shows up in the contest, but Jack says that dogs are not allowed. However, Bob has a surprise: his cute adorable pet cat named Lou. Jack thinks that Bob would win, so he has to make sure Oggy wins the contest. Then when it starts, the 4 best cats are chosen: Muscle Cat, Jake, Lou...and Oggy. Bob then has to find the cockroaches and then asks them for their help. He tells them that if they get rid of every cat in the show except for his, he'll give them a payload of money. The roaches accept this offer and make Jake lose in a dancing competition by burning his hair. Then, during a dressing competition they drop a crab in Muscle Cat's underwear, causing him to fly up into the sky and crash into the judges.

Lou and Oggy compete in a muscle competition. Lou shows off big muscles, much to Oggy's surprise. The cockroaches try to make Oggy lose by using a needle to hit his foot. Jack finds the culprit and decides to chase them. They try to hide under Lou's chair, in which Lou notices them, realizes he has a fear of cockroaches and runs away. Bob then chases the roaches trying to swat them. Oggy then shows off his finger "muscles" and the judges laugh, then the announcer claims that Oggy wins. Olivia kisses him, causing him to fall down, and the rest of the people in the show laugh, ending the episode.




  • Olivia
  • Lou
  • Muscle Cat
  • Jake
  • Unnamed other cats
  • Unnamed judgers


  • The title cards (as posters) from the episodes Fame and Glory, Boxing Fever and Formula 1 appears here.
  • Oggy poster picture almost looked identical to Erni from the Space Goofs Season 2 credits.
  • French Title "Mister Chat".


Oggy and the Cockroaches - Mister Cat (S04E28) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Mister Cat (S04E28) Full Episode in HD


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