Episode Information
Season 2, Episode 18
Missing Action Title
Air date January 18, 2003
Written by Nicolas Gallet
Storyboarded by Ludovic Hell
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Missing in Action is the 18th episode of Season 2.


While at the park, Oggy accidentally trips his toe and misses a jogging Jack. Will he be able to catch up with Jack while searching around the park?


At the park, Jack jogs with his cassette player. Oggy jogs after him, when Oggy trips his toe. Oggy's toe thumb was sore and he was crying. To make things worse, he was lost. Oggy found a map and transformed it to his pocket-sized map. He went in all directions and found a lady wuith pigeons. Deedee had eaten the bird seeds and Marky and Joey took the handbag. The cockroaches gave oggy a handbag and the lady and the pigeons was unhappy. The lady snatched the bag and Oggy and Oggy's head ended up in bumps. Oggy didn't realise about Jack and went off to the man with the artist (Dr.Jesse). He sat on the bench and the man sat too. Oggy's hand was stuck and the man was not happy. Marky the cockroach had paper animation and Oggy didn't see Jack. Oggy fell into the hole and went to the carousel ride. the boy grabbed Oggy and tossed to the frony of the plane. The cockroaches fiddled the controls and the boy pulled the lever and Oggy flew backwards to the UFO. The UFO crashed onto the ground and met Jack. Jack ran away and Oggy got out the UFO. He once saw a girl with ice cream and the cockroaches pushed the ice cream with the stick. The cockroaches gave Oggy the stick and the girl cried. Oggy walked backwards and the woman grabbed Oggy and gave the girl another ice cream. The woman squeezed Oggy with his left arm and tossed to the pond. The motor boat zoomed and Deedee blew up a inflatable duck. He then threw to Oggy. Oggy had fish in the face and Oggy flew until he met Jack. Oggy crashed into the defence ship and Oggy got out the pond. Jack tripped up and Oggy stole the things from Jack and gave the things to Jack. Oggy jogged away and Jack knew about the ice cream. The cockroaches ran away and the girl was crying. Everyone was angry and Jack took a step backwards. Uh oh...






Oggy and the Cockroaches - Missing In Action (S2E95) Full Episode in HD

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Missing In Action (S2E95) Full Episode in HD

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