When introduced in Mister Cat, Lou is Bob's pet cat. He's everything, strong, and perfect.So Bob show off Jack because Oggy's only 1 or 2 points. Other cats (even Lou) have 9 and 10 points. Oggy's score low but Bob want Oggy to face to face with Lou so he call the cockroaches to eliminate other cats, eliminate Oggy on the final show.

But Bob doesn't realize: Lou has a fear of cockroaches, but other cats are not. Instead of Oggy to be out of the show, he is automatically run out of the show. Bob chase and hit the cockroaches and out of the show too.Oggy wins because he show is muscle of his two fingers, make the judgers laugh.


He is medium height to Oggy and Jack,so Jack thinks he is 46 - 47 cm. He have white fur, foxtail as Jack, and blue eyes. He has the judger score for his points high so he is very arrogant. When in the final show, he is show his muscle.But when Jack find the cockroaches stab Oggy's feet by a needle,they run to Lou's place and suddenly he is run away awkwardly and embarrassing Bob by his fear of cockroaches. 



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