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Episode Information
Season 2, Episode 24
Lost in Space Title
Air date February 25, 2006
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Episode Guide
The Hungry Ostrich Empire
Working Cat


Oggy is given the duty of looking after a space station. However, the cockroaches have come aboard to cause the usual mischief, this time in the deep, dark, inky depths of the final frontier.


The episode begins in a spaceship, and the previous person had to go back to Earth, possibly because his family missed him. Oggy arrives in time and Oggy promised to take care of the ship. The ship is in zero-gravity mode, so everything floats there. Oggy marginally, lazily sits on his favorite "bag chair". Due to zero-gravity, Oggy opens a can of soda, and the soda floats, creating a snake shaped. He is shocked, and just sucks the soda in like a spaghetti. The pesky cockroaches are secretly hiding in the space suit. Marky hurriedly steps out, but though without knowing that they never got into zero-gravity, Marky floats as the cockroaches gave him a clap. He angrily, silently roars. He tried his best to get to the ground, and fails. Joey meets him, and somewhat lazily just "lay down". Dee Dee falls into motion sickness, and almost vomits. Joey reaches to a lever, and safely grabs the lever, making him safe and smiles in relief. He commands the rest to grab the lever in the case of safety. Oggy takes another can of soda, but it mysteriously contained food, where the food floats. Oggy takes a bite of a chicken, but the cockroaches saw it, and they become slightly jealous. Dee Dee lands on a switch, making the place to set into normal gravity. The spaceship starts to rapidly turn the "core". Everything inside did not literally fall by coincidence, Oggy fell the last. The food exaggeratedly falls into Oggy's mouth, filling it with his mouth fairly wide. The cockroaches laugh as Oggy starts to chase them. (editing continues)

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