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Episode Information
Season 3, Episode 31
Outside Title
Written by Olivier Jean-Marie
Episode Guide
Oggy's Grandma
Cartoon Lesson


The Cockroaches decide to lock Oggy out of his house.


Oggy wakes up, he eats breakfast, throwing the garbage; he finds out the cockroach crew has the key. He has a way to get in first the windows, second garage door, third an circle window finally the metal chimney. There was a stinky tunnel that lead to the toilet. Unfortunately, the cockroach crew flushed him. Jack came after the rain. His idea was to lift his house using a crane. Oh no! the key was in the cockroach mates again! Will Jack get the key before the cockroach mates throw to another place?


  • This episode is similar to Occupied sharing plot points such as:
    • Both episodes involve Oggy being locked out of an area by the Cockroaches.
    • At the end, both episodes have Oggy realizing that he's now trapped in the same locked area.


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