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Most references to Oggy and the Cockroaches occur in other franchises produced by Xilam Animation.

Lucky Luke

Go West! A Lucky Luke Adventure

  • After an impromptu rain dance, Averell Dalton shakes a cockroach out of his boot and he lands next to Dee Dee, Marky and Joey. Notably, Joey then asks "You okay, Roger?" and Roger answers, "It was terrible! I was abducted by aliens, five of them! Monsters, real monsters with a terrible smell!", also referring to Space Goofs.

The Daltons

  • In the episode, Le Passage Secret, a dreaming Joe Dalton ends up getting squashed by Oggy's swatter and laughed at by the roaches.
  • In Fort Dalton, Joe drinks a potion that briefly transforms him into several people and creatures, including Oggy.


  • In Écolo Mais Pas Trop, an otter who bears quite the resemblance to Oggy boards the S.S. Wanderer in an attempt to keep its pollution in check.

Space Goofs

  • In the episode Venus Junior, Oggy and the Cockroaches are briefly seen on the aliens' TV in their very first appearance.
  • In Stupid Invaders, Bud rides a rocking horse belonging to the new neighbours that resembles Oggy.
  • In Madame Zelza, when Etno turns the pages of a book with his foot, an illustration of Oggy appears.
  • In Get Off My Couch, the psychoanalyst's first patient is Jackie Nacho.
  • In Doodle, Gorgious swipes drawings of Oggy, Jack and the cockroaches from a kid.
  • In Space Sailors, when the house gets slightly flooded, Joey, Marky and Dee Dee, astride a tube of toothpaste, paddle by Etno and wave to him.
  • In The Alien Show, a few seconds of Love & Kisses can briefly be seen while the aliens are channel surfing.


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