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# Title Overview Happy Ending (Oggy or Cockroaches)
196 197 198 Olivia When a new girl cat named Olivia moves into Oggy's neighborhood, he instantly falls in love with her. But, not only are Bob and Jack (who are working together) also pining for Olivia, when the cockroaches see the whole thing, they pull out all the tricks they can to throw a wrench into this relationship.

(NOTE: This episode was released together with the 13th anniversary of the show.)

The Lighthouse Keeper Oggy and Jack become lighthouse keepers for the day. While Jack gets a fear of heights, Oggy once again chases the cockroaches who are directing boats all over the place.

(NOTE: Jack appears to have acrophobia or fear of heights in this episode, but in "The Rise and The Fall", he doesn't have acrophobia)

Dump the Roaches! Oggy and Jack find a new job − they become garbage men. But the worst has just come as the cockroaches mess up the controls and things go crazy. Oggy
199 200 201 Dee Dee's Diet Dee Dee thinks he’s too fat so he decides to go on a diet. Anything goes so he can lose a few kilos. Both (mainly Dee Dee)
A Jealous Guy During a lovely day in the yard, Joey photoshops some pics and makes Oggy believe that he has had a fling with Olivia, the lovely neighbor. Oggy turns jealous and begins to act very strangely. No one can understand why. Oggy, Jack and Olivia
Let's Party, Guys! It’s Joey’s birthday. And his two buddies decide to throw a surprise party. They post an invitation on the internet and hundreds of roaches show up that evening. Oggy and Jack
202 203 204 Airship House After Oggy gets everything ready for Jack’s birthday party, the roaches blow up all the hot air balloons with helium and release them in the attic, causing the house to rise up into the sky. Cockroaches
Panic Room Exasperated at being once again, victim to the roaches' practical jokes, Oggy orders a mysterious kit. When the kit arrives, it turns out to be an airtight, hermetically sealed room where he can close himself up and then, with help from a remote control, activate various traps he has set all over the house. Neither
Into the Wild Oggy and Jack go hiking on the GR 20 trail across Corsica. So do the roaches. They sabotage Jack’s compass and the two cats get lost in the wild, which turns out to be pretty frightening. Oggy and Jack
205 206 207 Washing Day Oggy has just washed his clothes, and is about to dry them, when the cockroaches come up and steal the clothes, starting a battle between Oggy and the roaches on the clotheslines. Oggy and Olivia
Lightning Visit Oggy's relatives arrive at Oggy's house for a visit, when Oggy imagines that they'll run away because of the cockroaches. As such, Oggy is determined protect his visitors from the roaches' plots, or else the visit will turn into a disaster. Oggy
Oggy's Shadow The roaches have trapped Oggy with lights and nailed his shadow as they are about to, as usual, raid the fridge. When Oggy breaks free, his shadow is still trapped and then becomes stray. Will Oggy be able to get his shadow back? Oggy
208 209 210 Buddy Parrot One day, Oggy finds a parrot which repeats anything he says and does, and decides to take it home. As the parrot is at Oggy's house, cockroach Dee Dee becomes very obsessed with the parrot, and wants to get its feathers only for... food?

(NOTE: Sharko and Marina from Zig and Sharko made a cameo appearance in this episode)

Both (mainly Dee Dee)
The Magic Pen A pencil with weird power has just fallen onto Oggy's house yard, and the cockroaches plan to use it against Oggy. Oggy
The Cube Oggy finds a weird cube on his yard, and decides to take it to his living room. But soon the cube causes trouble for his friends as it grows bigger and entrances Oggy. Oggy, Jack and Olivia
211 212 213 A Charming Guy Oggy has problems to show his feelings for Olivia, probably because he is just too nervous to do so. To make matters worse, the roaches come along to ruin Oggy's every attempt to impress Olivia. Oggy, Jack and Olivia
Fly For Fun When a helicopter lands on Oggy's yard, Oggy deicdes to take control of it for a while. Suddenly, cockroach Joey falls in love to the helicopter, thinking it's a fly and leaving the other roaches in confusion, and harder for Oggy to control it. Both (mainly Joey)
Olivia's Pimple Olivia notices a pimple on her face and refuses to leave her home. What will Oggy do to help Olivia get rid of the pimple? Neither
214 215 216 The Ice Rink It's an icy day, and when Bob crashes into a fire hydrant, Oggy's yard turns into a large ice rink. Oggy and Olivia decide to make some fun on the rink by going on ice skating. However, as Oggy has problems with his ice skating shoes, the cockroaches, as usual, have plans to make matters worse, putting him in trouble with Bob. Oggy and Olivia
For Real! After being electrocuted, Oggy and Joey turn into a REAL cat and a REAL roach. Nobody recognizes them, not even Jack nor Marky nor Dee Dee. Neither
Fly to the Sun Following an explosion caused by the roaches, the house and everyone inside find themselves in outer space and heading straight for the sun. Both
217 218 219 Run, Olivia, Run Olivia is taking part of a marathon, and Oggy comes with a bag with a bottle of water inside. However, the roaches, as usual, also come with him and are up to no good, stealing the bag, resulting in a big chase while the race is on. Cockroaches
Mind the Giant! Cockroach Marky accidentally eats a tree seed which makes him grow really, really fast, and vastly big turning him into a giant roach who eats everything. Both (except Marky)
A Soft World Oggy gets a package containing a spray bottle, which he hopes to be able to kill the roaches. However, as the roaches have it in their hands, they make everything droopy and soft. Oggy and Jack
220 221 222 Sport Fans After the cockroaches destroy Oggy's TV, Oggy and Jack make the cockroaches do Olympic events themselves. Cockroaches
The Kitchen Boy Oggy gets a new job as an apprentice cook in a chic, modern restaurant. Bob is his boss. All thing is still good until the roaches try to destroy Oggy's dishes. Olivia enters the restaurant, and had her first dish. Afterwards, the roaches made Oggy ruin the dishes, just to make Olivia's stomach to rumble loudly. Oggy struggles because he thinks Olivia will hate him if she cannot get another dish for her main course. Oggy pretends he did go deeds and the roaches always ruin everything. Because the roaches froze the main chef and the roaches made Bob faint in fear due to them. Oggy finds a way. Oggy
Mister Cat Oggy enters a contest. Jack enters first, but the lady thinks he's a lion. The lady exchanged Jack to Oggy. Worse, Bob has a cute cat, which is the cutest in the whole city. Out of tens of contestants, only four were accepted, including Bob's cat and Oggy. Bob makes a debt from the roaches to disqualify the two, including Oggy. Jack sees this and Oggy feels coward. Bob's cat have fear of roaches and Oggy wins at the end.
223 224 225 The Easter Egg An Easter Bell accidently drops an Easter egg in Oggy's yard. Oggy finds it and decides to use it to impress Olivia. The cockroaches want it too, and they want to eat it. Oggy and Olivia
Journey to the Center of the Earth After the cockroaches steal Oggy's nose, Joey and Oggy fall to the center of the earth. Meanwhile, Dee Dee and Marky tell Olivia of this and they go down to save their friends. Oggy and Olivia
The Butterfly Race Oggy finds a butterfly and teaches it tricks. Jealous, Bob dresses Marky up as a butterfly and the two compete in a race. Olivia makes a butterfly race, the winner will get a trophy and honey. Who will win? Both (mainly Dee Dee)
226 227 228 Oggy Goes Green Oggy buys a solar panel, and sees its effects. Then Oggy goes crazy and uses everything with solar energy. But the cockroaches decide to use them to chase Oggy with burning heat. Oggy
Now You See Me, Now You Don't Oggy is fixing himself up a veggie drink, what could be more healthy than that?! But when his back is turned, the roaches put weird junk into the blender. When Oggy drinks it, he becomes invisible. Both (except Joey)
What a Lousy Day Oggy is in the attic and wears his cowboy hat, unaware that 3 lice are in his hair. Oggy starts scratching his head and lends his comb to Jack who lends it to Bob and the three of them start scratching their heads. Olivia sees this and tries to clean their hair. Both
229 230 231 Jack's Nephew Jack brings his nephew to Oggy's house, wanting Oggy to look after him. But Jack's nephew is lazy and only wants to eat a certain brand of cereal. Even worse, he bcomes friends with Joey and they start to trash the place. Both
Roommate Wanted Oggy is getting mighty bored living all alone. As he vacuums the spare room, he suddenly has an idea to rent it out. Oggy
The Bathtub Race When everyone around the neighborhood is bored, Olivia decides to have a bathtub race. Oggy, Jack, and Bob enter up with their customized bathtubs while the cockroaches join in using Oggy's toilet. Cockroaches (Dee Dee only)
232 233 234 Inspector Dee Dee Oggy has returned to his house and shocked to find every thing gone in his house which makes him upset. With the police useless, Dee Dee decides to find the culprit. Meanwhile Oggy and Marky start acting as if nothing has happened. Both
Hep Taxi Oggy becomes a taxi driver and the roaches try to sabotage the business. Oggy
(Un)Happy Camper! Olivia and Oggy head off in their RV for a vacation. The roaches come along for the ride and decide to ruin Oggy’s vacation of course. Also, Bob comes along caravanning near Oggy and Olivia, making Oggy very disturbed by Bob's furniture. Can Oggy save his camping trip? Both (except Joey)
235 236 237 A Streetcar on the Loose Jack has become the driver of the new streetcar that runs through the neighborhood. Olivia brings some kids to ride the streetcar. Again, the havoc starts. Cockroaches slip to the machine and make a havoc. Even worse, this makes Bob crushed by Jack's streetcar. Can Oggy get rid the situation while Jack is asleep? Neither
Grease Monkey Oggy Jack opens up a garage with gas tanks and lets Oggy worked as a mechanic while he relaxes. Oggy has to fix Bobs car while the cockroaches make havoc. Neither
Farmer for a Day Olivia takes Oggy to a old farm. Oggy starts having an unusual experience with the animals but with the cockroaches, it's only the beginning. Cockroaches
238 239 240 Oggy Splits Hairs Oggy and Jack open up a salon. They get a task to design Bob's hair like what he wants. Unfortunately, the cockroaches are here to mess up the work. Both
Little Tom Oggy Oggy is going home shopping but he gets lost and now doesn't know which way to go. He tries to leave a trail by dropping some food, which Dee Dee eats all of. Can they get home to their friends? Both (mainly Dee Dee)
Don't Barge In! Oggy and Olivia are on a boat ride and the cockroaches are there too except Oggy kicked them out. Bob is the bridge operator signaling Oggy to stop except Oggy is confused with Bob's signals and ends up bumping into him. The cockroaches race back to the boat while Bob always ends up getting bumped by Oggy's ride. Both
241 242 243 Artsy Oggy Oggy is painting a portrait of his tree in his yard, when the cockroaches snatch it up and sabotage the painting, which the critic, contrary to what Oggy would suspect, really enjoys. Oggy
A five-legged sheep Oggy finds a five-legged sheep in front of his yard, little does he know that it is astray. Oggy decides to keep it for a while and also the roaches have come along for the ride. Cockroaches
Oggy and the Magic Smile Oggy buys a magic smile from the magic shop. Everytime he wears it, he turns into a muscular tough guy. Will he use it to impress Olivia or plot revenge against the roaches? Oggy and Olivia
244 245 246 Water Sports Oggy, Jack and Olivia go to a water park for the day. The roaches wreak havoc by fiddling around with the wave-making machine and cranking it to max. Cockroaches
Caviar on the House Oggy decides to buy some caviar to impress Olivia. Unfortunately, he only has enough money to buy one little fish egg! Marky also tries to get the egg to make his brothers proud. Both (mainly Oggy)
Party Pooper Oggy decides to throw a private party just for Olivia so as to try to seduce her. However, everything goes out of his expectation when Jack and Bob join. Oggy
247 248 249 Scaredy-Cat It's Halloween! While Oggy is busy sculpting a pumpkin to put in the window, Jack is trying on his most horrible costumes. What's worse, a swamp monster comes to Oggy's house by mistake, gets lost and even eats Joey and Dee Dee. Oggy and Jack
Skate Fever Oggy finds a skateboard in the street. After a disastrous start, he begins to get the hang of it and really enjoy it. He even builds a skate park at home. Oggy
North Pole Panic (Featuring Olivia) This year's Christmas would have been the best one in a lifetime if it hadn't been ruined by the cockroaches. Oggy, Jack and Olivia
250 251 252 Dream On Oggy is having a dream where he thinks about lottery numbers. But every time he tries to think of them, he keeps getting distracted. Oggy
Lady K Oggy is invited for tea with Olivia. Meanwhile, the cockroaches meet their girlfriend Lady K and start a new relationship. Both
Oggy and the Dodo Bird Oggy encounters a supposedly extinct dodo bird and decides to take it home. Dee Dee wants to eat it. Oggy
253 254 255 Steamed Out As Oggy, Jack and Bob realize they're gaining so much weight, they decide to lose their weight with a steam house. Both
Picnic Panic Oggy, Olivia, and Bob are on a picnic but unfortunately their picnic gets ruined when the cockroaches and some ants steal their food. Neither
Lights Out! Oggy, Jack, Bob and Olivia are playing a game of cards when suddenly Joey accidentally turn off the lights and starts to raid the fridge. Neither
256 257 258 Wrestling Time Jack trains Oggy to wrestle even though Oggy's not interested and signed the contract from Bob. Dee Dee joined in to win the money. Both
Shoplifting The cockroaches are trying to get some food by stealing. Cockroaches
Bicycle Race When the neighbourhoods are bored again, Olivia has organized a bicycle race for Oggy, Jack, Bob and the cockroaches to sign up. Oggy
259 260 261 Joey's Blue Eyes Joey's pink eyes turned blue. What will the roaches do. Cockroaches
Teleportation Oggy ordered a teleport machine which he uses it to go to any place faster by teleporting to that location. While Oggy is asleep, the cockroaches uses that to rob the fridge but Dee Dee and Marky are trapped while Joey's asleep. Jack and Bob wanted to try that machine but unfortunately after a few teleportations, they became stuck together so Oggy has to get them free.
Oggy and Jack
Oggy and the Flour Man After Dee Dee stole the flour to Oggy, Oggy demands to chase Dee Dee. After this, he spilled the flour, which results to be a real human. However, Dee Dee wanted to turn him to dough.
262 263 264 The Cucaracha A mexican cockroach came for a visit with the cockroaches until Joey became jealous when Lady K fell in love with the curarucha. Both (except Joey)
High Rise Nightmare Bob renovated his house and replace it with a high rise hotel. The problem for Oggy is that the hotel is so tall it block the sunlight from shining light to him and easily causes a mess in Oggy's yard. Both
The Abominable Snow Roach A heavy snowstorm covers the whole area and the whole town are under a heavy pile of snow. The cockroaches are making a snow roach and want to eat food but Dee Dee already ate all the food in the fridge. So when they spotted Oggy carrying food, they decide to disguise like a snow roach and let Oggy give them food. Oggy
265 Bicycle Crazy! Jack decided to have money by having a barbecue sale while Bob wanted to have money by building CR sheds while waiting for the french people to come to them. Marky was also waiting for his friend Eddy from France so he tries to paint Go Eddy sign on the road except it got ruined much.

Both (except Marky)

Oggy and the Mermaid

Jack is relaxing in the boat while Oggy is scuba diving failing to take pictures of sea life and encounters Marina the Mermaid and also Sharko. Joey is interested with Marina so he decides to kidnap her for his fashion show to have money while his pals are trying to distract Sharko. However, Joey's plan has gone too far so Marky and Dee Dee so they have to get help from Sharko and Oggy to break Joey's plan and rescues Marina.

Happy Ending: Cockroaches(except Joey)

Oggy is Getting Married (Featuring Olivia)

Oggy, Jack, and Olivia are in Venice, Italy and Oggy is about to propose to Olivia by showing her his diamond ring but Olivia has other plans which makes it difficult for Oggy and also saddens him. It gets worse when the cockroaches decide to steal Oggy's wedding ring for their love Lady K, and jealously strikes Oggy when Olivia is walking with a painter.

This is the first Episode that is longer than the other episodes.

Happy Ending: Oggy, Jack, and Olivia.

Wake Up My Lovely

Lady K is having a great time until Olivia soaks her with her watering can which makes Lady angry. So she decides to get rid of Olivia by making a poison apple to put her to sleep like the story of Snow White and also take over Olivia's house. When Dee Dee and Marky fed up of being slaves to Lady K and Joey, they call for help from Oggy to wake Olivia up and destroy Lady K's plans. Happy Ending: Both(except Joey)

New Designs

  • From this season, Oggy and the Cockroaches are using HDTV format.
  • From this season, the theme song video in Oggy and the Cockroaches slightly differentiated.
  • In this season, it looks more 3D backgrounds.
  • Oggy looks more different than previous seasons.
  • In the previous season, the episode title card at all concerned with the picture all the episodes flow. From this season, drawing title cards in most of the episodes this season episode where the pictorial background. Whereas the rest of pictorial matter concerned with the episode. There is also words "© {year} Xilam Animation".
  • In several episodes, when the moment is funny, we will heard a sound effect of laughing childrens.
  • In the intro of Oggy and the Cockroaches, in this season, the cockroaches had their sound effects. Unlike the other seasons, they didn't have sound effects exept in the early season 1 episodes.
  • Other sounds such as the Windows XP  sounds.


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