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This article is about the character, for the episode, see Lady K (episode).

Lady K is the cockroaches' crush and an antagonist in the show, primarily in the episode Wake Up, My Lovely.

Character Data

  • Antenna Color- Brown
  • Eye Color- Blue Green (Teal)
  • Head Color- Greenish Yellow


Lady K is a Female Cockroach, who is Olivia's Cockroach, Lady K lives in Olivia's House and she was the cockroaches' crush (Joey, Dee Dee & Marky) In the episode "Lady K" and in the episode "The Cucaracha" she falls in love to the Cucaracha and Joey got jealous. And Lady K was beautiful and romantic (flirty).


Lady K was a girl cockroach! She is the only one girl cockroach and she always wears a lipstick on her lips and wears a red sleveless dress with black accents, pretty.



  • Joey- has a crush on her in the episode (Lady K)
  • Dee Dee- had a crush on her in the episode (Lady K)
  • Marky- had a crush on her in the episode (Lady K)
  • The Cucaracha- Lady K's Love Interest (Boyfriend)




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