This article is about the character. For the episode, see Lady K (episode).

Lady K is the cockroaches' crush and an antagonist in the show, primarily in the episode Wake Up My Lovely.

Character Data

  • Antenna Color - Brown
  • Eye color - Teal
  • Head color - Greenish yellow


Lady K is a female cockroach (and the only female cockroach in the series), who lives in Olivia's house. She became the cockroaches' crush in the episode "Lady K" when they first met her. In the episode "The Cucaracha", she falls in love with the Cucaracha which resulted in Joey getting jealous.


Lady K wears red lipstick, a red sleeveless dress with black stripes and red shoes. She also has light teal eyelids, possibly supposed to be eyeshadow.





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