Just Married! is the 10th episode of Season 3.


Jack is getting married; he chooses Oggy as his best man. Even though they haven’t been invited, the cockroaches are of course attending the party! Jack gives an anti-cockroaches detector to Oggy to help him get rid of those damn insects....


While Oggy is using his vacuum cleaner, an invitation letter from Jack and Jessie suddenly arrives and landed on Oggy's eyes. Oggy took it and at first, he was angry. But at when he look what was inside it, he joyfully prepares 2 wedding rings for Jack to give to Jessie and immediately rides his car, which already has a giant ribbon. However, Oggy didn't notice that the cockroaches were in his car too. At the church, Oggy is standing right beside the priest. Because of high happiness, Oggy suddenly cries loudly, surprising Jack and Jessie. Jack puts some of the water from Oggy's eyes to Oggy's eyes. Jack gives Oggy a handkerchief, in which Oggy uses immediately. Oggy puts Jack's handkerchief on Jack's shirt pocket. Oggy hands over two wedding rings to Jack, in which Jack was happy and surprised. When Jack opened the small box where two wedding rings and showed it to Jessie, everyone was surprised to see Joey, Dee Dee, and Marky inside the box, playing with 2 marriage rings.  






  • This episode has the longest censored part ever in South East Asia, which is about 2/3 minutes, due to the homosexual reference at the end.


  • The title card is similar to the title card from the episode Happy Birthday.



  • When Oggy hits Jessie, Jack's face is colored green and the end of Oggy's body is colored black and his feet are red.
  • In the next scene, the people have disappeared.



Oggy and the Cockroaches 💙JUST MARRIED!!! ⚡ (S03E10) Full Episode

Oggy and the Cockroaches 💙JUST MARRIED!!! ⚡ (S03E10) Full Episode