Episode Information
Season 2, Episode 57
Written by Thomas Szabó
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Joey and the Magic Bean08:01

Joey and the Magic Bean

Joey and the Magic Bean is the 135th episode.


Joey is too small and that really bugs him. One night, the Jolly Green Giant leaves magic beans beside the cockroach. When he wakes up, he eats the beans and becomes bigger and bigger...


Joey is tired of being fly swattered by Oggy. Joey fell angry and fell asleep. Inside his dream, there was a giant with a can of beans then Joey took and ate the beans and got VERY LARGE. Then he woke up with a can of beans beside. The two other roaches just watched him do and fail his attempts because the bean makes him grow for at least 25 percent. After a few attempts from being fly swattered and still small Joey, he decides to eat the whole thing then he followed his dream. When being larger than earth, the giant gave him yellow beans to be small. Then again fly swattered by Oggy.






  • When the giant walked away in Joey's dream, his eyes switch colours.


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