Episode Information
Season 2, Episode 64
Air date December 20, 2006
Written by Michel Gaudelette
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Jack-in-a-Box is the 64th episode of Season 2.


Jack shows Oggy a machine that can transform objects into other things (i.e. transforming a cow into dairy products and beef products). But when the cow throws Jack into the machine, Oggy makes his attempt to save him - even if it costs him his physical form.


SPOILER ALERT! Important details about the plot are up ahead.

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One day, Jack constructs a machine that can transform objects into other things. Then, the song when Oggy is sad plays as he enters the room, recently have been woken up. He then gets his milk, but when a drop just falls, he finds out it is empty. Jack then shows off his invention to Oggy. So he made a bicycle to demonstrate it's primary ability. He used the cockroaches' bed, a tyre and blue paint to create a bicycle. He requested for milk, so Jack brings a cow and milks it with the machine. But oh no! The cow's head can only be seen! The cockroaches move in to see what's going on. They are made into cheese, milk, cow meat, shoes, and bags. He then transforms them back into a cow, the cow puts Jack in the machine.

Oggy then picks up the skin cans. But Oggy realizes that the cockroaches have the bone can. They roll it over to Bob's house, but uses Jack's skin as a skipping rope a round yo-yo, and a boxing effigy. Oggy then builds Jack's whole bone set, thus beating Bob, carrying back to Oggy's home, then put's Jack's remains in, but in addition, the cockroaches put in the cow, then Jack becomes a cow. Oggy puts his remains back, but the roaches put the bicycle, then Jack becomes a bicycle as well. He reverts once more, but Joey bangs Oggy's hand. Oggy's hand is on the keypad, so the keypad is banged on too, resulting in a tooth paste tube housing Jack. When the roaches open it, Jack bangs the cockroaches, crawls with his hand. Oggy picks the tube up, rolls Jack out the tube, thus Jack is saved.

Jack then finally manages to transform the roaches into objects. Jack puts them in the machine, and the episode ends with the result being shown: anal thermometers.

End Spoilers



  • It is believed(at least by **p**stars)that the machine's name was Mighty, Kongo Zynx Lanx Quat.
  • Running gag: The cockroaches keeps turing Jack into every object they do.
  • Jack is the first (and only) character to be disassembled.
  • In the original episode. it is formerly called "The Machine".
  • The title is also the same name of a toy.
  • The title card was the same as Cat Kit.
  • Ella made her cameo appearance here.
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